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[B!G Juliu$]
I Hate Y'all, I'd do anything to replace y'all, i'm bout to Grace y'all
Middle Class kid 'til i'm unemployed with a day job
Fuck ticking boxes, I kick knowledge then make shit comic
I'm way more honest than 99% of the promise that has been activated
The activist that aggravated your favourite leader
Till your mind's a step closer to being emancipated
You either ig'nant or an instigator
I'll make you read now go to school and teach that on your history paper
The fuck you doing? I'm going out on a mission
Yo, and nothing been the same I dropped Listen
N'got into position to beat you cowards into submission
Ha-Ha, jokes on you. Shoulda been better
I'm Living proof, you're almost a degenerate
If you quit the struggle then you been a snake
I got my mind on Hip Hop, the voice at the back of the class
Trying to raise troops en masse
I teach people like Aristotle
Jump on a wave, turn a concept to a joke if you let me
You know I'm a sinner, PNDB you know it's a winner
The UK Casanova but ain't girls on my sofa
I know its over, out of luck
So fuck the system up you better duck no suck and fuck
You join me or get took, I'll burn your single book and feed you more
God got you fuckin' nuts, don't go at us
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Acting irrational, make you stop thinking natural
Know you gotta be radical, boy
I'm more Kendrick Lamar than Steve Morrissey
Chasing each bar, thoughts racing on when they hate'll stop botherin me
I shed tears on the concept of being a loser
I feel like I deserve an apology
Quite frankly your wack asses should thank me for having this
I'll turn 'servatives to activists, have at it bitch
Change never happens when ignorance is involved
Immaculate tactics so follow me, if you need me just call on me
I say "Hold up, wait a minute
Your life ain't shit 'less it got some meaning in it
Your pussy ain't shit, whats sex to wall and a brick?
Unless you look like a real girl, make up marks on your face, ugh! (haha)
Stoke Newington been good to me, lil' white nigga from a middle class family
Wealth big as fuck and I got the balls to say it
In too deep to act like a hood kid or a vagrant, a good kid
I'm out bruv, PNDB we down south, blud
Invest in ambition speak change with your mouth play your position
Don't call me Jethro cuz that's my slave name
Treat men women the same, fuck apology
Remember me Modern Marvel of freedom
You shook, you're scared to death, you're scared to look
In the mirror when Julius is near you
B!G, Juliu$





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