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This is a remix I did to "Yuck" by, 2 Chainz Ft. Lil Wayne. This is not my beat, I downloaded it, so shout out to "TheOrginalBeat." He's got some pretty sick instrumentals, check them out! Lyrics will be in description. I no longer have a mic, so I had to use the webcam & the quality is pretty s**y, haha. Share it with everybody! Young dude from Kentucky, haters enjoy! (:


& now I'm flyin' in lanes, I keep my hand on the frame
The trigger under my main finger, & out go your brains
These b**hes call me insane. But I'm just doin' my thing
I'm livin' life like a game, control the streets with my

Two thumbs, grusome, rolled'em up & chewed'em
I lose'em, & nuke'em. & when it come to money
All the f** they do is lose some

I reside in the pits of hell, and where are you from?
Try to understand what you sayin', but you're too dumb
Go grab a new thumb
I ain't your daddy mother f**er, you my step-son
I climb you like the rest, then snap yo' neck, son
& recollect my respect, with one left, son

& now I'm ridin' with names, that take you out within' range
The barrel up to your mouth, & make you shower in shame
It's like I'm after the blood, man it's all that I crave
I fill my head full of thoughts that dissapear when I..

Change, my flow
I'm going, to blow
All over, the streets, right out, my nose
I keep one eye on that scope, then send that shell & reload
Bust a b**h, bend'er over, make'er grind on that pole
Blowin' swishers every minute man, I'm losing control

Hop up out my cherry coupe, brush my shoulders & my shoes
Smile for the cameras, an ammatures, & women too
Back up for a second, lady. I am not just some dude

Yuck! Yuck! Nasty hoe
Get the f** up off of me
Actually, I'm the king
So bend it down, & kiss my feet

Royalty is where I'm coming from, call me majesty
I am slowly aiming for the top, need more accuracy

Bulls eye, it's my time to unwind
It's your time, to lie down, & go die
Who knows why, who knows why, I said who knows?
Why all the b**hes come into life when I write songs?

[Lyrics from:]
I'm just different, I'll admit it
Smoke two blunts & I'm replenished
I am gifted, like it's Christmas
You unwrap me, I get vicious

Now just witness, what I'm dishin'
I will serve you, like a lemon
With your skin peeled. It's unreal
The deals, & the thrills..

That I get, when I k**
All the tracks, all the whacks
All the lames, all the rats
Now just prepare for impact

Now just prepare to fall back
Retreating, is easy, you see me, & your eyes just roll back
Blah! Blah!

& now I'm runnin' these streets, & now you run in defeat
I am slowly taking over, starting out with your feet
Climbing higher to the top, & throw your a** in the sea
Now your swimming with the fishes, cause you jumped in too deep

Maaaan, the way I tread on these sheets
Should be illegal, it's lethal, how I murder with ink
It's murder you see, just how I flow with these beats
It's no good too me. Can't crack a label, I'm not stable
I rap cause it sets me free

Take yo' knees, take yo keys
Take yo' wife & make her bleed
I believe, I am me
I will take over your dreams

I will please, all your bees
Got that honey? I will de-

Stroy. Your team, boy
In these woods

I am the tyrant, now I hope that you see
That verbally, I am king. I will take you underneath
Welcome to the underground, where my fans are all I need
I will go down in the books, & I bet you I make History

It's imagery, what my lyrics speak, cause mentally
I climb inside your head & show you what my lyrics mean
Listen b, it's not chemistry





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