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[Verse 1: Mick Jenkins]
Homies was cracking cards and I just wanted my some of the crack
This was back when Lil B was running the pack
Matter of fact, it was me, Devon, DJ and Slim
Cataracts, couldn't see, can't backtrack
Matter of fact, we was slaughtering hoes
Nigga been had that, a nigga been off that
So I caught water then I get cash back
Then I get sauced on em
So you gotta excuse me, madam
If there's something in my teeth
Then it's probably cause I never really flossed on em
I ain't never one to get lost on em
Cause niggas take they minds and they hand it to em
The truth sounds so outlandish to em
I take a bowl to a face then chase with a prayer
Lord, help me say the words and send the panic through em
Cause when you moving 120 miles, 24 hours
That shit gon' start to seem slow
Your eyes get adjusted to the blurs
And that shit get distorted even more
It's perception, you know this, know that even when a picture's out of focus
I'mma see it too clear
Same old dream for the last two years
Know that when it's real, you don't have to fear no man

[Pre-Hook: Joywave]
Hear the crime run down the street
Their torches in the air, they've got it all for me
But the only thing [?]
Not to keep belief
Hear the crime run down the street
Yeah, they caught me in the night down on my knees
And everyone's screaming
Here's another no one to see
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[Hook: Joywave]
Don't you worry 'bout your bad dreams
Cause you're not in there
Don't you worry 'bout what change brings
Cause you can't stop that

[Verse 2: Little Simz]
Oh, don't worry 'bout your bad dreams
I'm a fiend for that shit, caffeine
Maybe I'm in need of a vaccine
I ain't tryna hear it
They don't listen these artists are mad keen
What the f-? Mmm
I ain't gotta spill it out, they gon' know what's up
Came through with the green, no lean in my cup
That shit will make you fall asleep
Tryna stay awake, I've been in too deep
Bags under my eyes, I've had it for two weeks
Working, working, working, tryna reach new peaks
Just when I thought shit couldn't get clearer
My eyes taught me not to believe everything I see
Rest my pretty little head on the seabed
Reminisce on all the tears that we shed
Reminisce on all the fears that we shed
Pour one for all the pain that we bled
Know you gotta keep what you're saying to a minimal
When them dark wolves around
All of them are howling this, that, never let em catch you and gnash
Don't make a sound
Imagine if I told you you and I weren't real
See, the Earth's core has already been killed
This is all a contract and we're just part of the deal
Oh, how would you feel? Shit

[Pre-Hook: Joywave] + [Hook: Joywave](x2)





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