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[Verse 1: G FrSH]
I hide all this pain very well
But never to the point that my mother can't tell
Wanna be alone, I don't even wanna talk to myself
Man I'll do it on my own, I don't need no help
Cause I made it from the bottom where the sun don't shine
Maybe I've had my share and I aimed too high
One hand on the mic, one hand on the scales
Between falling and flying, the lines so fine

[Hook: Arrows Down]
Wishing on a miracle
Spinning on this merry-go-round, round
Begging them to let me go
They fuck me fast and love me slow
Flying low though I'm falling high
Spending all my borrowed time, time, time
I find myself and go inside
Every time I close my eyes

[Verse 2: G FrSH]
Ain't seen my sisters smile in a while
Said I've been too busy so I ain't been round
But this morning I woke up in some girls house
Got so high last night, still I ain't come down
So caught up in myself that I can't escape
While I'm paperchasing, all else can wait
Said "fuck love" so long, I forgot how to feel
Once poured out my heart, now it's filled with space

[Hook: Arrows Down]

[Verse 3: G FrSH]
Got like 10 missed calls from my baby mother
Saying that I missed my daughter's parent's evening
For that one split second, man, I felt like the other
Dead beat dads who only plant their seeds
But don't nurture theirs, but i water mine
Mum raised the perfect son, I shine on mine
I'm a little more distraught that at the time
[Lyrics from:]
I was in the trap house, and I couldn't stop the grind
But I've gotta pay school fees
That are more than the average wage
Man, I'm over just doing it for jewellery
Kicks and them models and them brand new plates
Sitting with green on a mad estate
Next day on the green, on a mad estate
Smile for the cam, do my take
Bag another brick, then back to the stage
Now I'm back in a rave
In the back of the rave
Still out here fishing
All the best catches say I'm too bait
I need to find love before it's too late
But I've seen too much, it's already too late
Cos she's got a man, he ain't one of us
So she don't gave a shit, so she gave two fucks, oh well
Me and the last girl ain't end so well, oh well
My little cuz just got out the cell
Tried to rob a man at 13 years old
I asked him why, he said he don't even know
He just wanted new kicks and a phone
I couldn't help but feel at fault
Cause he sees me in that FrSH shit, see me in a Range
Heard "#imballin" and "18K"
But nah, fuck that this is bigger than me
Cuh at his age, man, I felt the same way
If you ain't been broke then you won't ever know
Man, I remember picking up my first O
Gotta get dough, move that work
Hearts on our sleeves so we wear T-shirts
So yeah, we hurt
But refuse to feel it
When it's day by day
There's no time for weakness
Reality so real
There's no room for dreaming
Still I pray
But I don't even know what the fuck I believe in

[Hook: Arrows Down]





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