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I just looked up to the best
Tryna match that shit
Daddy growin up
Didn't have that shit
Now I want a big chain and a fast ass whip
So as soon as I'm in range
Ima grab that shit
Split it all up
With this bad bad bitch
And my fam 50/50
On some half half shit
The mind of a man and a bad ass kid
Ima do what I can
I just ask you forgive me for
Not pickin up calls or
Not givin my all in school
It's cool I got a dream
See thru all the bull
Everything ain't what it seems
I mean I've made mistakes
I been lyin straight to your face
I been buyin case after case
I been drivin without the brakes
Take a break on watchin me
You philosophy ain't in sync with mine
If I were to stand on the stack of demands that I have for this world
I'd be 8 foot 9
Feel I once was a king from them ancient times
If I have one thing it's a mind of my own
You ain't changing mine
I'm like a cocaine line
Boi a Grammy ain't enough when you want the whole show
Ima take that shine
So bright make dude wearin Ray-Bans blind
Dream Bigg like a nigga ain't awake half time
Relive every moment I was wastin time
Pac said fuck the world
Ima rape mankind
When I speak it's a beauty
When I rap it's a beast
She a lady in the street
In the bed she a freak
Most people only really bout half what you see
But I always been the same ain't no maskin to me
Why you always disappointed what you askin of me
The way you tell me I should live is old fashion to me
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I know you wish that I was perfect that ain't happen to me
You gotta deal with what you got that's called passion to me
Yea, that's called passion to me
If you want an explaination why this track is for free
And its all real
Never been attracted to weaves
And I'm gon kill
Everything in path of my dream
Fuck a cool kid
Yall rep what swag doesn't mean
Ima real nigga not becuz the sag in my jeans
Got heart
Like a <> cut in half with a 3
Don't start
If you do it for the stacks it can bring
This is art in the purest form
So articulate I could make a skeptical nigga believe in unicorns
Never follow uniform
Just be you
You were meant to be when you were born
Don't listen to nobody but your damnself (2x)
I live by these words
Got a gift and a curse
Cuz most won't get what I spit in a verse
I swear it's the worst
But I live to be first
I ain't goin for your wallet bitch
I'm here for the purse
Yea, hand it all over it's a stickup
When it's crunchtime bet you'll find me doin sit-ups
Yall get a glass
I'll be drinkin out the pitcher
See I'm one of them kids from the back of the class who ain't never got noticed
Now I'm in the picture
My lyrics gettin quoted and they buyin me my liquor
Mr. Big Shot
A young Chauncey Billups
Goin for the 3
Yea, makin seven figures
Yall know me
Probably not
Talkin all that shit
When its gon stop
Ima make it big
Yall just watch
This is for them other kids and the dreams yall got






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