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Jadakiss: Yeah
Sheek: Uh Huh, D Block
Jadakiss: D Block, You with me Louch?
Sheek: You know it my n***a
Jadakiss: Yeah I know
Sheek: Yeah
Jadakiss: You know why we do this right?
Sheek: Why's that dog?
Jadakiss: Make these n***as feel us all the time, everytime
Sheek: Walk wit us
Jadakiss: Are we the best or what?
Sheek: Who the f** else


Yo, we do nuthin', we are nuthin' (true)
I ain't pullin' my blade if I won't scar nuthin'
I ain't pullin' my gun if I won't shoot sh**, that's useless (why would I do that)
I'll k** ya whole family, that's ruthless (you p**y n***a)
You could die n***a
I ain't droppin a tear, I ain't thinkin twice n***a, you ain't my n***a
(you ain't my n***a)
I don't smoke with you, drink with you, eat with you (uh uh)
I got a problem with you, I'mma let the heat whistle
This is real sh**, n***a I peel sh** (tell em')
I'm harder than concrete and steel mixed (who's better)
I wanna k** n***as (k** em)
You think it's part of the verse, it's part of the curse, and I don't really
Feel n***as (I don't feel y'all)
They say stop the viloence, but I gotta join in it (I'm gonna join in it)
I'm in the hooptie with 3 Ki's a boy in it
This is pay day, f** what they say (f** em')
D Block, grab your handguns and A-K's

Chorus 2x:

Bang that sh** off, clap that kid up
Stomp that kid out, don't let him get up
Any block frontin', gon' wet that sh** up
It don't mean nuthin' to me!

J Hood: Yeah! What up! D Block!

Verse 2

J Hood

Yo yo, ayo, ayo yo

Yo its the baby faced gangster, product of my enviornment
Hoodied up, stickin your grandfather for his retirement (what up!)
Talkin super hard when I know that you b**h-made (faggot)
Stab ya a** in the espohigus with a switchblade
Take it out and straight saw off your ribcage (all that)
Pour gasoline on the matress where your kids lay
J Hood, D Block, respect the name and the click (D Block!)
Whoever ain't feelin' this song could s** my dick
Garbage bag around your brother head, smother him out
[Lyrics from:]
To make sure he don't survive, n***a, I'm snubbin him out (b**h!)
Make you drink a bottle of Chlorox, hit you with four shots
They can't determine the cause of your d**h in your autops'
You scared? Don't come outside, the streets is serious (stay home)
My ribs touchin, I'm starvin', trigger happy, and furious
We could do it whenever, wherever, n***a set a date (what up!)
Remember to ask the doc if he could replace your face (b**h!)

Chorus 2x

Jadakiss: Uh huh, yeah, what, haha! Yeah, uh huh, yeah, uh, yeah

Verse 3


Ayo, k** one of mine, I'mma k** one of yours (that's right)
It ain't bitin' for base, but they still want it raw (you know it)
Y'all n***as think y'all do dirt, we do it more (more)
My man turned 14 shirts into a store (you got it!)
Now you could get it from us, we got enough of it (uh huh)
The dead president dope Chris Tucker was f**in' with
There's 2 things, ether the jail or the cemetary (yeah)
Hammers and the Hawks is on the itinorary (what)
Anywhere, any block, clap any iron (any iron)
And beat n***as 'till you can't identify em'
D Block my n***a (uh huh)
To the n***as on cure perscription and Ki-lock my n***a (got ya)
What, it don't mean nuthin' (nuthin)
And you got the rights to bang a n***a wherever you want if he frontin' (yeah)
We done starved together and burned some scriller
Now we doin' it again, it's your turn gorilla (doin' it again baby!)

Chorus 2x

Verse 4


Uh, you want it with who? (huh?)
You can't be talkin' to Louch or none of his crew (never)
We poppin' you quick (yeah)
Put big knives in you, b**h, get off our dick (get off our dick)
White Air's and white T's get filthy quick
And we ain't caughin' or sneezin', but the camp is sick (haha)
Uh, stop frontin', y'all don't wanna pull triggers (nah)
Lifetime, Sex In the City a** n***as (yeah)
Spit it for the hood and the gritty a** n***as (uh)
Put big scars on the pretty a** n***as (yeah)
I'll pull up wit a hooptie at a black tie affair
And smack the f** out a boozie n***a like a bear (come here b**h)
Crime don't pay, who the f** said that? (huh?)
How much you think I'm gettin' for his chain, where my gat?
n***a act up, I'll let it rip in his back (brattt!)
You know who it is from coast to coast (who)
Thug n***as keep clappin' ya toast
What up!?

Chorus 2x





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