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[Intro:Kashmere of Strange U]
It's Dolph!
(Jehst: I have the power!)

[Verse 1:Kashmere of Strange U]
Splash the pen on the pad getting the snuffles
African hunter, on the low, looking for buffalo
Gruffalo flow
Bubble nose hoes approach the bro, they want blow, let's go!
To the nearest air-con cooler temperatures
I think they meant coke, so now they trynna question us, like:
“How much money are you making? Are you famous?
Where's the mansion at? You're some rappers, entertain us!”
I pulled out the TEC got creative
Sprayed the place up and changed my iTunes playlist
Updated my Facebook status
Broke and shameless
Telling hoes: “Lick the anus!”
Heinous crimes against humanity
Can it be me enjoying the taste of Hennessy
I'm sipping absinthe
Travelling the labyrinth
But the ear stays on
Fucking accident!
Chillin' with evil machete mistresses
They wanna fuck up your life; they wanna kill your kids
Swallow your soul and keep swallowing
Invisible crime to keep following and following
Meditation is an option
You'll only see him smile when you're layin' in a coffin
Just for knowing him you're parking on the red
You ain't done shit but there's a target on your head
Discreet cannibal
Eat mammals, leave mandibles
Fire cannonballs at'em
It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes you wonder
Who's really behind the red lightning and the thunder

Yo London! GET UP, GET UP
Dolph Lundgren! GET UP, GET UP
The whole world! GET UP, GET UP
Dolph Lundgren! GET UP, GET UP

[Verse 2:Jehst]
Unapologetic with the psychedelics
This level of retarded takes time and effort
Backstab your dead homie for the righter credit
Or front crawl cross the ocean
Great White infested
Welsh rarebit
Heavy on the Lea & Perrins
Parents evening
Daddy wanna see your merits
Raps looking for Melle Mel
Where's the message?
I'm on stage with the baby oil, bare-chested
So much for the memories we cherished
Charas in the chalice
Eyes redder than cherries
[Lyrics from:]
So now where's the Ben & Jerries?
Insulin injections whenever necessary
Directly into the brain
Raised in a noodle shop
Never seeking glory or fame
A story he claimed
The warrior name revered
He came in peace
But the natives came in spears
Change careers
Kept a Ventolin for the asthma
On a secret mission with Penguins of Madagascar
Auditioning for lead actor
But his performance was truly dread, like the Predator 2 rasta
And still nominated for the BAFTA
Before he metamorphosized, like Franz Kafka
Blondie got him with the Rapture
Fab 5 Freddy told me “Everybody wanna be a rapper”


[Verse 3:Kashmere of Strange U]
They found the Higgs boson
Maybe them pious freaks will now keep their clothes on
Hold on
It's the yellow Sinestro
Previous dead flows now increase, like, ten-fold
Let's go
His skeleton is exo
Dad skipped town but I've never been a vexed bro
A tad [?] more
Like 20p in the coin slot
Fuck a cry baby
Let me free in the toy shop

[Verse 4:Jehst]
No doubt
If buts or maybes
Blowing ‘dro clouds, spliff butts in the tray please
Fully qualified, no trainees
Eyes full of dollar signs in a daydream
Strange fruit hanging from these money trees
We in the field sharecropping in our dungarees
Made my own mother wonder what's become of me
The job made me wanna offer voluntary redundancy
Cause I'm an artist
You toys wanna run/wrong[?] with me?
I'd let you do the filling
But you're fucking up the colour scheme
I'd train an understudy for this slovenly[?]
If anybody's Stranger than U, then it must be me


Peace to Ivan Drago
He will break you
Shout out to Steven Seagal
(Van Damme)
Chuck Norris
(Rutger Hauer)





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