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Song in Album   
Ain't That Pretty at All []   
Alec Eiffel [Trompe Le Monde]   
All Around The World []   
All I Think About Now [Head Carrier]   
All Over The World [Bossanova]   
All The Saints [Head Carrier]   
Allison [Bossanova]   
Ana [Bossanova]   
Andro Queen [Indie Cindy]   
Another Toe [EP1]   
Another Toe In The Ocean [Indie Cindy]   
Baal's Back [Head Carrier]   
Bag Boy * []   
Bagboy [Indie Cindy]   
Bailey's Walk [Doolittle]   
Bam Thwok [Bam Thwok]   
Bel Esprit [Head Carrier]   
Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons [Trompe Le Monde]   
Bleed [Doolittle]   
Blown Away [Bossanova]   
Blue Eyed Hexe [Indie Cindy]   
Bone Machine [Surfer Rosa]   
Born In Chicago []   
Break My Body [Surfer Rosa]   
Brick Is Red [Surfer Rosa]   
Broken Face [Surfer Rosa]   
Build High [Complete 'B' Sides]   
Cactus [Surfer Rosa]   
Caribou [Pixies At The Bbc]   
Caribou - live at water music []   
Caribou (Peel session) []   
Cecilia Ann [Bossanova]   
Cecillia ann (live) []   
Classic Masher [Head Carrier]   
Crackity Jones [Doolittle]   
Dancing The Manta Ray [Doolittle]   
Dead [Doolittle]   
Dead (demo) []   
Dead (Peel Session) []   
Debaser [Doolittle]   
Debaser (Cliff Norrell Mix) []   
Debaser (Demo 2) []   
Dig For Fire [Bossanova]   
Dig for Fire (remix) []   
Distance Equals Rate Times Time [Trompe Le Monde]   
Down To The Well [Bossanova]   
Down To The Well (Peel Session) []   
Ed Is Dead [Death To The Pixies]   
Evil Hearted You [Complete 'B' Sides]   
Evil Hearted You (a.k.a. Corazon De Diablo) []   
Gigantic [Surfer Rosa]   
Gigantic (12″ version) []   
Gouge Away [Doolittle]   
Greens And Blues [Indie Cindy]   
Hang On To Your Ego []   
Hang On To Your Ego (the Beach Boys) []   
Hang Wire [Bossanova]   
Havalina [Bossanova]   
Head Carrier [Head Carrier]   
Head On [Trompe Le Monde]   
Head On (jesus And Mary Chain) [Trompe Le Monde]   
Head On (remix) []   
Heaven (Live 1988 Town And Country) []   
Here Comes Your Man [Doolittle]   
Hey [Doolittle]   
Hey (Demo 1) []   
Hey (Peel session) []   
Holiday Song [Wave of Mutilation: The Best of the Pixies]   
I Bleed [Doolittle]   
I Can't Forget []   
I Can't Forget (leonard Cohen) []   
I'm Amazed [Surfer Rosa]   
I'm amazed (remastered) []   
I've Been Tired [Come On Piligrim]   
I've Been Waiting For You []   
I've Been Waiting For You (neil Young) [Complete 'B' Sides]   
Iim amazed (remastered) []   
In Heaven []   
In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) (Peel session) []   
In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) / Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) []   
In Heaven (the Lady In The Radiator Song) [Pixies At The Bbc]   
Indie Cindy [Indie Cindy]   
Into The White [Doolittle]   
Into The White (Peel Session) []   
Is She Weird? [Bossanova]   
Isla De Encanta [Death To The Pixies]   
Isla De Encanta/Something About You []   
Jaime Bravo [Indie Cindy]   
La La Love You [Doolittle]   
Letter To Memphis [Trompe Le Monde]   
Letter To Memphis (Instrumental) [Complete 'B' Sides]   
Levitate Me [Pixies At The Bbc]   
Lines of the Week (07/10/2013) []   
Lovely Day [Trompe Le Monde]   
Magdalena [EP2]   
Magdalena 318 [Indie Cindy]   
Make Believe [Complete 'B' Sides]   
Manta Ray [Doolittle]   
Manta Ray (Peel Session) []   
Might As Well Be Gone [Head Carrier]   
Monkey Gone To Heaven [Doolittle]   
Motorway To Roswell [Trompe Le Monde]   
Mr. Grieves [Doolittle]   
Newfoundland []   
Nimrod's Son [Death To The Pixies]   
Nimrod's son (live) []   
Nimrodis son (live) []   
No. 13 Baby [Doolittle]   
Number 13 Baby [Doolittle]   
Oh My Golly! [Surfer Rosa]   
Oona [Head Carrier]   
Or []   
Palace Of The Brine [Trompe Le Monde]   
Planet Of Sound [Trompe Le Monde]   
Planet of Sound (live) []   
Plaster Of Paris [Head Carrier]   
Ring The Bell [Indie Cindy]   
Ring the Bells [EP3]   
River Euphrates [Surfer Rosa]   
River Euphrates (Version Two) [Complete 'B' Sides]   
Rock A My Soul [Pixies]   
Rock Music [Bossanova]   
Santo [Doolittle]   
Sexy Eyes []   
Silver [Doolittle]   
Silver Snail [Indie Cindy]   
Snakes [Indie Cindy]   
Something Against You [Surfer Rosa]   
Space [Trompe Le Monde]   
Space (i Believe In) [Trompe Le Monde]   
Stormy Weather [Bossanova]   
Subbacultcha [Trompe Le Monde]   
Subbacultcha (aborted) []   
Talent [Head Carrier]   
Tame [Doolittle]   
Tame (live) []   
Tame (Peel Session) []   
Tenement Song [Head Carrier]   
The Happening [Bossanova]   
The Holiday Song [Death To The Pixies]   
The Navajo Know [Trompe Le Monde]   
The Sad Punk [Trompe Le Monde]   
The Thing [Complete 'B' Sides]   
Theme from Narc [Complete 'B' Sides]   
There Goes My Gun [Doolittle]   
There Goes My Gun (Peel Session) []   
Tony's Theme [Surfer Rosa]   
Tony's theme (remastered) []   
Tonyis theme (remastered) []   
Trompe Le Monde [Trompe Le Monde]   
U-mass [Trompe Le Monde]   
Um Chagga Lagga [Head Carrier]   
Vamos [Surfer Rosa]   
Vamos (intro) [Death To The Pixies]   
Vamos (live) [Complete 'B' Sides]   
Vamos (pilgrim) []   
Vamos (Surfer Rosa) []   
Velouria [Bossanova]   
Velvety Instrumental Version [Complete 'B' Sides]   
Wave of multilation (live) []   
Wave of Mutilation [Doolittle]   
Wave Of Mutilation (Demo 1) []   
Wave Of Mutilation (Demo 2) []   
Wave Of Mutilation (Peel Session) []   
Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf version) [Complete 'B' Sides]   
Weird At My School [Doolittle]   
What Goes Boom [Indie Cindy]   
Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix) []   
Where Is My Mind? [Surfer Rosa]   
Where Is My Mind? (MTV Unplugged) []   
Where Is My Mind? (Pixies Cover) []   
Wild Honey Pie [Pixies At The Bbc]   
Winterlong [Complete 'B' Sides]   
Winterlong (neil Young) []   
Women of War [Indie Cindy]   





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