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[Girl:] Only if you promise to smack me god damn it
[Tech:] I think I'm gonna do the uhh.. hook on this one, yeah
[Tech:] Ok, turn around so I can hit it from the back
[Girl:] No
[Tech:] Come on!
[Girl:] I don't want to
[Tech:] You don't want me to hit it from the back? Come on! BIANC!

[Verse 1]
I like to hit it on flip, don't trip
I make it worth it, if you nervous I got the service
That'll make you work it, you deserve it
A sex spot to flex wet spots with grip
Stressin' now, cause ain't nobody throwin' tips
Your hips so amazin', I'm gazin', you blazin'
Praisin' that I'm no longer shriveled like a raisin
I'm stoned - hopin' that your homegirl I entered is
I'm down, even if is Ellen Degeneres
I'mma clown the punana, pound the pupan
Hate it like a croutan, wise words from God Zoutan
The flip baby, no gip baby
Nina like the way you strip, baby, no way you dip ladies
See me in your city, be ready, when I'm looking for some fun
I be coming at you, five hundred worth of 1's
Just the trick off, gather your oils to lick off
You and your homegirl rollin' with me, jerkin' my dick off
Not a rip off, just gettin' it tossed the lip gloss
Your lips lost so deep in it, they callin' me the pit boss
I'm lovin' it the way you got me shovin' it
Doggy slip-slide, much obliged
I cried when I hit it on the flipside

(Which side?) Flipside
(This side) Ladies so I can dip die
(That's right)
Ain't nothin' thick about the way I like it
The jiggle making me fizzle when you make it, make it wiggle a little
Stay on the flipside
(Which side?) Flipside
(This side) Ladies so I can dip die
(That's right)
This ain't no ballad talkin' about how I'm in love
This is strictly for the strippers in the club, on the flipside

[Verse 2]
[Lyrics from:]
Meet me in Las Vegas, I'm stayin' at the Grand
Keys under Nina when you be fightin' with your man
Into it - no undees, get ready to bungy, jump me
Knew you meant business, when you ripped out my aubercumby
Hormones hungry, like to get me down under like Crocodile Dundee
Keepin' your sex weapons from me, I'm grungy
(?) I'm freaky like zombie
Friday to Sunday yellin' Tech N9ne, I love the way you done me
And then I'm Solomon Grundy, you's a flower when I killed it
You wilt it, who got power, call me (Deep Space N9ne)
(?) cause I rocked 'em all with socks and all
Y'all 'iancs, I hit the lots of y'all
Slots, show 'em, show 'em what you got
Girl you makin' it hot (?) non stop
This game is silky, I hope you milk me
I'm fiendin', not killin' me cause you
Can't touch my vibe, if you jockin' Kenin
I fly in semen, you cryin' (?)
It feels so well, get chills in Hell Screamin' demon
Before you nut up I want you to shut up
And give it to me face down, butt up
I just die, when I hit it on the flipside


Can you feel it, baby? (Do you want me to touch my waistline?)
I can heal it, baby ((?) trust, press and grind)
'Bout to kill it, baby (Doin' the fucks, a good time)
I wanna do it baby, stick it baby (Sex on the mind)

[Verse 3]
Enough! Girl you drivin' me nuts
You and your homie's hype horny comin' back from peanuts
With hokie-pokie, on the brain and we can keep it low-key
(?) hot is when they comin' back from sokey
(?) without the oppostry, listen closely
Lap dance in the corner, I'm all up on her
Two more coronas, you leaving with me
Cause I'm increasing the fee, you leasin' to pee
Hella fat like Jackie, pleasening me
I got mine, what you do call girls, the way you dance
And strip, deck down to your tips, beautiful lips
You say that you like it way better from a wild style
Nigga comin' sex crazed at you on the flipside






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