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Im just Sitting in my room with my blue print map in my hand
Dodging these haters like missed tackles til the endzone is where I stand
I've been picked on and brought down but still I remain so self-confident
Nothing they say can get in my head cus my mind's on a whole nother continent
But I send em all cards for valentines cus I love the haters they fuel my motivation
And while they remain nothing soon everything I say will be put into quotation
I wanna see a million bills fall from the ceiling while im grinning
Pop champagne with Charlie sheen just to know that im winning
A young man with a vision of success but still just a kid at heart
Soon enough you'll see that nothing can keep me and my dreams apart
Never had any doubt of victory there was never any need to cheat like lance
No matter what obstacles I may face I will win this race no tour de france
I've been dreaming big since I was a little kid lookin up at the stars
Now it's an addiction I gotta get money even if it comes with battle scars
As I scream out on this microphone may the world hear my voice
You can either settle or shoot for your dream we all have a choice
No dream is too big to achieve no matter what they may say
Drive the bulldozer through the barricade and pave the way
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Im feelin so blessed thanks to god and the parents for my existence
And I promise not to give up that's right Im here to go the distance
I know my future is bright no need for the delorean
Music is my passion that's why on every track I go in
I blow out the candles on the cake and make the same wish til it comes true
Like martin luther king I too have a dream and Im here to see it through
Im commited to my dream and I'mma take my shot even if it's a half court heave
And there's no time like the present so I think its time to go out here and achieve
Everything I ever wanted and everything I ever dreamed of
And I will not be stopped no matter how hard the push or shove
In this world there are 2 types of people either hard working or lazy
And if your lazy you can keep dreaming about making dreams a reality
To make your dreams come true exhaustion is almost certain to occur
Spending many late nights working hard to which you would not prefer
But you gotta fight for the life you want conquer adversity go ahead put yourself to the test
Go to war for your dreams and when obstacles start shooting keep breathing bullet proof vest
Prove them wrong shock the world and be still standing at the end
To every dreamer make your dreams real and not at all pretend





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