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OK we finna' make a movie, yup
Shoot you like you tryna' film
Fed up, so I'm quick to get you wet up like you tryna' swim
We clapping, yup, we trapping, yup
Put that on my mom and them
Grillin', grillin', grillin'
Niggas think I fuck with Drama and them
We grillin' x4
Here me, here me, here me
Grillin' x4
Fuck wit me, my niggas
Grillin' x4
Here me, here me, here me
Grillin' x5

[Verse 1: Chubby Jag]
If a nigga got work, I take a nigga pounds
If you never seen him cry, I'll make a nigga now
Don't bring a nigga round, I get a nigga clowned
I get a nigga drowned, I break a nigga down, yup, yup
That dime on me, that nine on me
Robbing, you out your mind homie
My crime homies is right here, we jeweled up like Shawn homies
You don't hear me though, we working holmes
Get low just like we jerkin, we gravy wavy, we surfing holmes
Balling out like P. Kirkland holmes
Shoot them guns like we nurfin' holmes
About my business, so if you gon' to step to me
Just be certain holmes
Chubby, try me all my niggas barking homie, skip the growl
Dig me, if we beefing then I'm eating, call me mister Chow
Soon as niggas catch you, I'll be swinging, you'll need stitches now
Married to my heater, can't be cheating, man that bitch is wild
[Lyrics from:]
Yea I be packing shit, try me I be clapping shit
Sour you can smell it through the bag, that's that scratch n' sniff
Nigga killing, yup I do this shit the gangster (where?)
I'm gangster real, I'm hustling on the block
I got that gangster grill


[Verse 2: Chubby Jag]
Oh you mad for real, I got mad appeal
I got swag for real, holmes Jag is ill
Your ass should chill before I grab the steel
And I blast steel, then your ass is killed
Cash Money like Glasses deal, hustle man, yea I passed for real
I'm on the corner, I'm on point
Like a point guard how I pass the pill
Chubby yup, I spit for real
Fit game sick, my kicks is ill
My (?) strapping, this chick I'm with saying mad rapper
I told that bitch to chill
So high that I can't think, your album weak and your tape stank
Hate on me, I'm shooting back cause I'm war ready like face paint
Chubby, Where I come from ain't no talking nigga
We winning, yup, niggas catching up to Boston nigga
Fresh to death, no coffin
I'm balling like Kenny Lofton nigga
On fire like Austin nigga, I'm stunting, I'm flossing nigga
Yup, my team clean, got mad money, that mean green
We balling out, holmes, cast Kobe I'm (?) (?)
For sure we killing, got that crown
Just know we stealing, yup we chilling
If it's beef, then we gon' cook, just know we grillin'






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