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[Hook: Mike Delorean]
We like crabs in a bucket, fuck it
I said the rain gon come nigga you can't duck it
Reality's a motherfucker, tell me if you feel it
Can you survive through experience

[Verse 1: Mike Delorean]
It's QB, 96 buildings, 6 blocks
500 niggas pump 58 cops
3 liquor stores, 3 laundries, 1 clinic
7 different entrepreneurs who run business
Between the neighborhood bodegas, the bootlegger
The candy store's the crack spot but that ain't nothing major
And does who pass by the laundry is where the narcs be
Running up on niggas, seeing if they drawers clean
But still, bitches get pregnant at some day
85% of them keep it, don't sweat it
And 85% of the fathers don't regret it
And ain't there, won't never will be, don't care
Through the year 50 niggas got shot, stabbed and shot up
Banned from the hood, kicked out, dead or locked up
And 60 niggas secretly indicted
Cause that snitch name London wearing wires
Now 20 niggas copped out, 11 niggas lose trails
7 niggas hung it up, and 2 niggas beat it up
And 3 of my niggas died on the streets
And the rest of them is N.O.R.E
2800 apartments, 2800 stoves
Half for the big dinners, half for the big O's
6 floors to a building, 5 doors on each floor
Some of them shot open, most of them kicked off
3 kids to a crib, and most of them poor
Some of them have 5, my mother have 4
10 fiends to a building, a few on each floor
[Lyrics from:]
Some smoking their pipes, some sniffin' their raw
When I was young I used to think I've seen it all
But experience to kill a motherfucker who ain't strong
Most of my friends locked up, most of them gone
But doggie I pray to God, when we ain't ? for long


[Verse 2: Mr. Bars]
QB, 96 buildings, 6 blocks
Same hood as the Mobb, Mega, Nature and Nas
MC Shan, Craig G and Marley
And the real Roxanne Shanté is from QB
But every man is for they self, it is no unity
Which makes it difficult for there to be you and me
Ron Artest made it to the NBA
And we used to play together, back in the days
Baby Sham doing his things with Flipmode
My young niggas hustlin now on the brick hole
Still I might move to PA to get away from this jail
Cell I'm trapped in until this day
When Bobby get relocated, Smurf retired
Now Sweaty Joe is the head of the Narcotics
Book him, always try to book niggas for no reasons
So when I see him without that badge, I'm gon see him
J-Roc and Black been down for some time
They had the strip click and all on the 40th side
And Ty got hit with a 12 to 25
Passed out in the court room, and make things live man
Shit is ridiculous, niggas get tickets for ? and bigger ?
Baby father is locked up for hustling to feed his kids
Crack, coke, weed, though, whatever is gonna bring the chips
It's like a psycho how we see the pens
And you won't get to see your friend until y'all meet again





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