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[Verse 1: Sccit]
Nothin but anger in the back of my mind
Been in a daze I'm blazin just waitin and passin the time
I been tryna come up, but all I'm gettin is down
Where the fuck is all of the happiness? I'm upset wit a frown
Dead in the ground I feel like I rather be
Actually scratch that matter of fact I need my family
I plead insanity I'm stuck wit a different mentality
For some muthafuckaz it takes guts to do what I do casually
Haaa...You didn't know?
I'm the sickest dead or alive that's right I'm even sicker than my flow
Woah.. Ima go u bitches know... ain't none of you my pros
All of you my hoes... do what i say
All u muthafuckaz are evil so get on your knees and fuckin pray
I don't buck and spray...I slice mutbhafuckaz
You steppin to Sccit, ya head'll get split...thats right muthafuckaz
I'm not gunna pull out the hammer if you step to me
Ima take my time lookin and dig deep up in my weaponry
[bridge 1]
(Keep up wit the imagery, there ain't gone be a video
Yea... evil makes my dick grow)x2

Killin...makes my dick grow
Women...makes my dick grow
Sinnin...makes my dick grow
Evil..makes my dick grow

[Verse 2: X-Raided]
Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the loccest of them all?
When the darkness descends and the locust fall
Some one gave X-Loc a call
Gobble, the goon is nothin, i gobble his esophagus
Gargoyal, perch higher, top of this metropolis
Optimist expected to rot in this necropolis
[Lyrics from:]
Rip out a nigga mama guts, call a nigga, my mama nuts
I'm nefarious when it come to flock i bury his kiddy
I'm nefarious....
Inserted through a tracheotomy
Cuz thats the only way i know how to eat


[Verse 3: Roccy]
My mind is twisted and my thoughts are sick
Can't find you lipstick? well you got my dick
I called my shrink, she got some big ass tits
I cut her head put it on a big ass stick
You can't get rid of a psycho medically
You gotta find somethin better than psycho therapy
They tried it chemically, defyin chemistry
I'm laughin physically, but cryin mentally
No finding sense in's who I am
Gacy, Bundy. Dahmer...In one man
Andrew Cunanan, wit a gun in hand
David Berkowitz...son of sam
Son of God...controlled by lucifer
Attack her smack her snatch her is what I do to her
Snap and crack her back all as I'm doin her
Drinkin her blood arouses me, it's nothin new to her
I cut her slices
Gut her up...she's lifeless
Inject her in the spine with a deadly virus
Infect her in the eyes, give her empty eyelids
Can't analyze my mind....bitch I'm mindless
[Bridge 2]
(Psychosomatic, crazy schizo
I like when they panic it makes my dick grow
Psychosomatic, crazy schizo
I love when they panic it makes my dick grow)





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