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{Verse 1: X-Raided}
I lied when I said you wouldn't get smoked
Eyes examine the barrel as I watch you choke
Take a deep breath, cause it's your last, nigga
Got any last words? (Sicx): Fuck that pig, pull the trigga!
And that's a present from me
For helping me out the motherfucking penitentiary
Label me insane and the dope dealer
Now add this to your list a cop killer
You can go on and on, fool
But you won't catch the X when I match in the old school
Like some peddle masked to the floor
And passed the hundred and flipped back to zero
Hit 99 and I'm Southbound
35 miles to get to Sac-Town
I saw a brown Monte Carlo, so I start
To hit the sirens, time to ditch this cop car
Grabbed the gauge off the dash
I said "Get out the car, or I'm a blast"
Nigga didn't ask no questions
I had a gat, so he followed my suggestions
Face down, on the concrete
All he saw was the streaks, that I left in the street
Now all I need is a drink
But I ain't got no cash, so let me think
Will I walk in the store, steal on and shoot the clerk?
Fuck it, a beer run that'll work
Got off the freeway, on 4 & Row
Food and Liquor Market, here we go
(Cashier): Can I see some I.D., please?
(X-Raided): Nah, let me get out the car
(Cashier): Uh, can you leave the beer here?
(X-Raided): Nah, I'm outta here
(Sound of car driving away)
(X-Raided): Ha, you stupid motherfucker

Ice Cube: Never should've been let out the penitentiary
Eazy-E: Tired of the motherfuckin' jackin'
(Repeats Twice)

{Verse 2: X-Raided}
Rolling downtown with a forty in my lap
Gripping a nine, and I'm eager to peel a cap
I honked and saw a bitch at the bank teller
I need some cash, how to get her?
Head to the lot, and found an unlit space
I can't let the bitch see my face
[Lyrics from:]
So, I crept up slow in the dark
I said don't breathe, unless you wanna see my nine squirt
Just like I thought, the bitch panicked
I put the gat to her head, took her cash, and let her have it
Watched her body drop, pulled off my mask
Cellmate pulled out his hand and said he wanted half
X-Raided just laughed
Looked at him crazy, and said you can't have no cash
And then, the nigga got mad
Whipped out the nine on his ass and went blast
Too much cargo in the first place
Nigga wasn't doing shit, but taking up space
He was my celly for a year or two
So to kill his ass was something I've been wanting to do
He wasn't nothing but a cracker
Doing time in the pen with the Garden Blocc Jacker
The motherfucker didn't know
And now he's dead in the car, fucking with a psycho!


{Verse 3: X-Raided}
My dick's gone hard for all the drama
So I'm headin' to the garden, to fuck my baby's mama
24, the streets I know well
When she see me, she gone be shocked as hell
I knocked on the door, and she answered it
I saw another nigga sitting on the couch and shit
I walked in, the nigga tried to act Locc
That made my day, another fool I have smoke
I let him have it, the nigga straight dropped
And it was time for my bitch to get mopped
I didn't tripped though, I got my fucking zone
Fall asleep, woke up, and the bitch was gone
Grabbed the gauge, cause I got a weird vibe
Peeped out the windows, and the cops was outside
(Police): "Come on out with your hands up!"
I said "Fuck you pig, and you can suck my left nut!"
Cocked the motherfucking 12-gauge
Jumped out the window, and went on a rampage
Blasting as I hid behind a car
Havin' visions of the mothfuckin' cell-bars
I'd rather die than go back, so take that, bitch
I pulled the trigger, and went out like a lunatic
Lots of lead from my gauge got discharged
They need help to call tha guardz

{End of the Song}





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