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Paul Wall
Roscoe Dash
Dorrough Music
Ray J
Bobby Brackins

I-I-I-I-I-I love you
It's the remix

[Hook: Ray J]
143, I make you yell it when we sexing
143 is what you send me when we texting
I ba-ba-ba-ball and po-po-pop bub'
I'm just looking for some love in the club
143, I lo-lo-lo-love you
143, I lo-lo-lo-love you
143, I lo-lo-lo-love you
143, I lo-lo-lo-love you

[Verse 1: Bobby Brackins]
All over the radio, yeah, I bring the cash in
Toot it and boot it, YG, we be mackin'
But Bobby Brackins, puff pass the stack, and
You [?] tonight, boo, [?] quit asking

I'm still a stunna, baby, bro, what's your number?
"143," the hottest song of the summer
"I'm Ready" and "[?]," those the next singles
"143" is all the [?] ladies' ringtone

Made another hit for the radio station
Hotel, motel, or the Holiday Inn
That's where we go to get it popping like a Pepsi can
And I still don't even care if you a lesbian

[Pre-Hook: Ray J and Bobby Brackins]
143-3-3 (hey, what it do)
143-3-3 (hey, what it do)
143-3-3 (hey, what it do)
When they see me in the club, it's like "I love you"


[Verse 2: Paul Wall]
Baby is a bad lil' busybody, she 'bout it
All them other [?] be hating 'cause they ain't got it
[Lyrics from:]
You sexy as ever, so all the players wanna smash
But you sneak through all the lame games, it's like [?]

Me and you together, like sweaters and cold weather
You the hottest little thing in the game, ain't nothing better
You all about your mail, I ain't talking 'bout a letter
You a independent lady, I love a go getter

[Verse 3: Roscoe Dash]
143, she like I L-O-V-E
When she see me she be screaming, I'm like hold up, freeze
She rip my clothes off and started grinding on me

You know what they say, man, sex sells
So I got her turned up off an ex pill
I can't even tell you how the rest feel
All I remember is her saying how her neck feel


[Verse 4: YG]
Bobby, what's brackin', he probably in the mansion
With some girls who speak English with a accent
Looking like Eve and got a thing for fashion
I told her, "I love you, girl, with a passion"

Fast when I pass on that ass like a V6
Pushaz Ink, songs like this be remixed
Talking 'bout he balling, when he shoot, I bet he miss
And a lollipop ain't the only thing she lick

[Verse 5: Dorrough Music]
Mr. D-O-double R, I know you know the name
The [?] up the part, that's how you know he lame
But now you dealing with a star, your life about to change
Ain't no lies, spit game, ain't even my thing

So I'ma rap it instead
I'm texting 143 if you ain't catch what I said
I wake up early in the morning, give you breakfast in bed
Bre-bre-breakfast in bed, I want your body instead


Girl, I love you, I love you, I love you
Yeah, 143, yeah, 143, I-I-I-I-I-I love you





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