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Song in Album   
#INTRO (LOST) 2k17 (Prod.YG) []   
1 AM [My Krazy Life]   
10 Times [Stay Dangerous]   
143 (Remix) []   
1Am [My Krazy Life]   
2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour Dates []   
2015 Flow [Blame It On the Streets]   
2Pac - Fuck Donald Trump (FDT) []   
4 days []   
400 Degreez * [4 Hunnid Degreez]   
459 [My Krazy Life]   
4hunnid Summers []   
666 [Stay Dangerous]   
Act Right []   
Addicted []   
Aim Me []   
All Around The World []   
All Birds freestyle []   
All in A Day []   
And ONE (UH) []   
B I T C H [Just Red Up 2]   
Back To The Bay []   
Backflip []   
Backflip (Remix) []   
Bad Ass (L.A. Remix) []   
Bad Bitch [The Real 4fingaz]   
Ballin nigga []   
Band Drum []   
Basshead []   
Been A Long Time []   
Betta Ask Somebody [The Real 4fingaz]   
Bicken Back Being Bool [My Krazy Life]   
Bicken Back Being Bool (Remix) [Blame It On the Streets]   
Big Bank [Just Re'd Up 3: Know Your Worth]   
Big Checks []   
Big Tymin (Remix) []   
Bitch Betta Have My Money [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
Bitches [Just Red Up 2]   
Bitches Ain't Shit [Just Re'd Up]   
Bitchez RJ & YG [Just Red Up 2]   
Blacks & Browns [Still Brazy]   
Blame It On the Streets [Blame It On the Streets]   
Block Party [California Livin]   
Blunted [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
Bolo Tie []   
Bompton [My Krazy Life]   
Bompton City G's []   
Bomptown Finest [Stay Dangerous]   
Bool, Balm & Bollective [Still Brazy]   
Bossin up (Remix) []   
Bossin' Up (SuperMix) []   
BPT [My Krazy Life]   
BPT (Live In The Bay) [Blame It On the Streets]   
Bravo []   
Broke Bitch Skit [Just Red Up 2]   
Bruisin []   
Bulletproof [Stay Dangerous]   
Burn Rubber []   
Buzzin []   
Cali Living [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
California Highway []   
Cant Get In Kanada [Stay Dangerous]   
Cash Money []   
Childish []   
City Mad []   
Click Clack []   
Codeine Dreams []   
Creepin [California Livin]   
Crush On You []   
Cut Her Off (Remix) []   
D.R.U.G.S. []   
Dangerous World []   
Deeper Than Rap [Stay Dangerous]   
Dippin' N Sippin' [Just Re'd Up]   
Do It To Ya [My Krazy Life]   
Do It With My Tongue [4 Hunnid Degreez]   
Do With My Tongue [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
Do Yo Gudda (Remix) []   
Dolla $ign []   
Dolla $ign / My Cabana Remix []   
Don't Come To LA [Still Brazy]   
Don't Hurt Me []   
Don't Panic (Remix) []   
Don't Tell 'Em []   
Don't Tell 'Em (ULTRAMIX) []   
Don't Tell Em (Rick Ross Remix) []   
Don't Tell' Em (Follow Your Instinct Freestyle) []   
Don't Trust [Just Red Up 2]   
Down Bitch [Red Friday]   
Drip Drop []   
Driving Like Im Loco [California Livin]   
Eat []   
Eat (Remix) []   
Elephant []   
Endless Summer Freestyle * []   
Every City []   
Ex []   
Extra Luv []   
Face Down []   
Fdt [Still Brazy]   
FDT (F*ck Donald Trump) (Remix) []   
FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) [Still Brazy]   
FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) Pt. 2 []   
FDT Part 2 []   
Five Fingers of Death (Freestyle) []   
FreakShow []   
Free Rudeboy [Just Re'd Up]   
Free The Homies Interlude [Stay Dangerous]   
Fuck For A Week []   
Fuck It [Just Red Up 2]   
Fuck It Up []   
Fuck Up the Club []   
Fuck You [Boss Yo Life Up Gang]   
Function []   
Function (Remix) []   
Funk Flex Freestyle []   
G Thang [California Livin]   
G$Fb [Blame It On the Streets]   
Gang Bang [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
Gangbang [4 Hunnid Degreez]   
Gangbangs []   
Gangsta* []   
Get Money & Fuck [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
Get Money and Fuck [4Hunnid Degreez]   
Get Out Yo Feelin's [Red Friday]   
Gettin Tho'd []   
Gimmie Got Shot [Still Brazy]   
Gimmie Got Shot[Explicit] [Still Brazy]   
Girlfriend Trippin Skit [Just Red Up 2]   
Go So Deep [4Hunnid Degreez]   
Goapele []   
God Is My Witness [4 Hunnid Degreez]   
Goin Krazy (Remix) []   
Goin Up [The Real 4fingaz]   
Good Times Interlude [Still Brazy]   
Gotta Get Doe [Just Red Up 2]   
Gotta Get Dough [Just Red Up 2]   
Grimey Thirsty []   
Grind Mode [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
Grindge [California Livin]   
Grindmode [4 Hunnid Degreez]   
Gucci On My []   
HandGun [Stay Dangerous]   
Head Doctor [The Real 4fingaz]   
Hear No Evil []   
Hell Yeah [Just Re'd Up]   
Hella []   
Hella Ice []   
Hello []   
Hoe []   
Hold On Me []   
Honestly [Just Re'd Up]   
Hot Boyz Skit [Just Red Up 2]   
How 2 Make It In America [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
How Many Liccs* []   
How To Make It In America [4 Hunnid Degreez]   
I Ain't Lyin [Red Friday]   
I ama real 1 []   
I Be On [Red Friday]   
I Did That []   
I Don't []   
I Don't (Remix) []   
I Got A Question [Still Brazy]   
I Got Bitches [Just Re'd Up]   
I Just Wanna Party [My Krazy Life]   
I Know [Red Friday]   
I Like [Just Red Up 2]   
I Like Head [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
I Like Money [Just Re'd Up]   
I Like New []   
I Like New Ft. YG []   
I Made It [Just Re'd Up]   
I Smoke I Drank [Just Red Up 2]   
I Wanna B Down [Just Red Up 2]   
I Wanna Benz []   
I'll Do Ya [Just Red Up 2]   
I'm 4rm Bompton []   
I'm A Real 1 [Just Red Up 2]   
I'm A Thug [4Hunnid Degreez]   
I'm A Thug (Pt. 2) [Red Friday]   
I'm Good [Just Re'd Up]   
IDGAF [Just Red Up 2]   
If I Ever [Blame It On the Streets]   
Igloo []   
Im 4rm Bompton [Just Red Up 2]   
Ima Thug (Freestyle) []   
In Tha Morning [Just Re'd Up]   
In The Mornin' [Just Re'd Up]   
Interlude 1 (California Livin) [California Livin]   
Interlude 2 [California Livin]   
Interlude 3 (California Living) [California Livin]   
Interlude 4 (California Living) [California Livin]   
Intro (California Livin) [California Livin]   
Intro (Just Re'd Up 2) [Just Red Up 2]   
Juice []   
Jumpin []   
Just Got Word []   
Just Re'd Up [Just Re'd Up]   
Keenon Jackson [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
Knockin' []   
L.A. Confidential [California Livin]   
L.A. Love (La La) (Remix) []   
Last Night []   
Left, Right [My Krazy Life]   
Lifestyle []   
Like I Got a Gun (remix ) []   
Little Secret []   
Loaded []   
Love Jones [Just Red Up 2]   
Make It Clap [Just Red Up 2]   
Mansion Party [California Livin]   
Me & My Bitch [Blame It On the Streets]   
Meet The Flockers [My Krazy Life]   
Mess Around [4Hunnid Degreez]   
Million [Just Red Up 2]   
Mo Paper** []   
Molly Cyrus []   
Momma Speech * [My Krazy Life]   
Momma Speech Intro [My Krazy Life]   
Most Popular Rappers * []   
My Hitta []   
My Hitta (Remix) []   
My Krazy Life [My Krazy Life]   
My Krazy Life Tour []   
My N*gga (Official Remix) []   
My Ni**a [My Krazy Life]   
My Nigga [My Krazy Life]   
My Nigga (G-Mix) []   
My Nigga (Von Tae' Remix) []   
My Nigga Remix [My Krazy Life]   
My Perception [Still Brazy]   
My Young Niggas []   
NEXt (Unbelievable) []   
Next Bitch []   
NEXt ft YG []   
Nike Swoosh* []   
Nine Times Ten []   
No Drama []   
No No No []   
No Reason []   
No Sleep [Just Red Up 2]   
Not To Be* []   
O.M.M.I.O. Freestyle [Blame It On the Streets]   
Oh Yeah (Romanized Lyrics) []   
Okayyyy [Just Re'd Up]   
On The Set [Just Red Up 2]   
One Time []   
One Time Comin' [Red Friday]   
Only Right []   
Party []   
Party Till []   
Party Up []   
Patty Cake [Just Re'd Up]   
Phone Call Interlude []   
Pillow Talkin [Just Re'd Up]   
Pillow Talking [Just Re'd Up]   
Piru []   
Playin' [Just Red Up 2]   
Police [The Real 4fingaz]   
Police Get Away Wit Murder [Still Brazy]   
Pop It []   
Pop it Shake it [Just Re'd Up 3: Know Your Worth]   
Pops Hot Intro [Still Brazy]   
Power [Stay Dangerous]   
Pressure []   
PROUD []   
Pu$$y on Me (Remix) []   
Public Service Announcement [Red Friday]   
Purp and Yellow []   
Pussy Money Fame [Stay Dangerous]   
Que Vato (Remix) []   
R.I.P. (Remix) []   
Ready For War []   
Really Be [My Krazy Life]   
Really Be (Smokin' N Drinkin') [My Krazy Life]   
Red Friday [Red Friday]   
Relax [The Real 4fingaz]   
Reminder []   
Respect Her Hustle [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
Rich Ni$$a []   
Ride Out []   
Ride With Me [Blame It On the Streets]   
Ride With Me (Remix) []   
Run Up []   
Same Bitches []   
Say Stop [Just Re'd Up]   
She A Model [The Real 4fingaz]   
She Bad [Just Re'd Up]   
She Don't Love Me [4Hunnid Degreez]   
She Wish She Was [Still Brazy]   
Shut up []   
Slay [Stay Dangerous]   
Slide'n []   
Snitches Ain't ... []   
Snitches Ain't (Remix) []   
So Into You []   
Sorry Momma [My Krazy Life]   
Spray []   
Sprung [Just Red Up 2]   
Still Brazy [Still Brazy]   
Summer Life []   
Suu Whoop [Just Re'd Up 3: Know Your Worth]   
Swag Walk []   
Swish (Remix) []   
Take Erthang 4rm Her [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
Take Everything From Her [4 Hunnid Degreez]   
Take it to the neck []   
Thank God (Interlude) [My Krazy Life]   
Thas Wat Hoes Do []   
That Shit Go (Up-Down) []   
That's How It Goes []   
That's My Nigga []   
The Homie []   
The Motto Ft. Nipsey Hussle []   
The Neighbourhood Music Videos []   
The Put On Intro [My Krazy Life]   
The Rap Monument []   
The Realest []   
The Realest (Gangsta Party) []   
The West Coast Cypher []   
This Beat Bangin []   
This Could Be Us []   
This Girl []   
This Side []   
This Yick [Just Red Up 2]   
Thug []   
Thugz Mansion []   
Too Brazy [Stay Dangerous]   
Too Cocky [Stay Dangerous]   
Too Fancy (Romanized Lyrics) []   
Too Short [4Hunnid Degreez]   
Toot It & Boot It (G-Mix) []   
Toot It and Boot It [The Real 4fingaz]   
Toot It and Boot It (50 Cent Remix) []   
Trill []   
Truth []   
Try Me (Remix) []   
Tupac Interview [Just Red Up 2]   
Tupac Interview (Real N.I.G.G.A) [Just Red Up 2]   
TURN []   
Twist My Fingaz [Still Brazy]   
Type of Shit I Hate (Remix) []   
U.M.A.R. * []   
Up [Just Re'd Up]   
Up On the Wall []   
Vato (Remix) []   
Vatos []   
Versace []   
Want Her []   
WDYL (Freestyle) []   
We Ain't Homies (Remix)* []   
We taking over lyric's []   
Westside 4 Fingaz [4 Hunnid Degreez]   
Westside 4fingaz [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
Wet []   
What They Doin' []   
Whatever You On []   
When I Was Gone [My Krazy Life]   
Who Do You Love (Remix) []   
Who Do You Love? [My Krazy Life]   
Who Shot Me? [Still Brazy]   
Who Ya Wit? []   
Why You Always Hatin? [Still Brazy]   
Won't Change [Just Re'd Up]   
Word Is Bond [Still Brazy]   
Work It []   
WuzHaninDoe []   
XXL Freshman Cypher 1/3 []   
Yayo (Official Remix) []   
Yayo (remix) []   
Yayo (Remix) 1 []   
YG - I Like (Feat. Juicy J) []   
YG Be Safe [Still Brazy]   
YNS []   
Yo Bitch []   
Yo Body [4 Hunnid Degreez (with DJ Mustard)]   
Yo Nigga Ain't Me [The Real 4fingaz]   
Yo Pussy [Just Red Up 2]   
You Betta Kno [Boss Yo Life Up Gang]   
You Broke [Just Red Up 2]   
Youzza Flip [Just Red Up 2]   
Youzza Flip (Remix) []   
Youzza FLip Jay305 & YG [Just Red Up 2]   





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