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[Tommy Wright III talking]
The number one hated, the most wanted
The all want us, the FBI, DEA, the CIA, ATF
What the fuck do y'all want?
(All you do is run your Goddamn mouth)
You don't know what you gettin' in
(..Boy you ain't finna do a Goddamn thing..)
What the fuck wrong wid you boy?
(..Goddamnit if you gon' bring it, bring it on...)
My nigga T-Roc what's up?, Destineal, whoopin' on niggas

[Verse 1: Tommy Wright III]
Everything I say I'ma do it for real
Me and Lil Sko finna go for the kill
Niggas talk shit when I let go hit the floor
Make a hoe drop like dominoes I'ma go
Out the patio cause the po-pos at the door
Gotta lay low, I'm the man wid the say-so
Feds want mo' ah the underground pro
Still servin' junkies scalin' up the hootie hoe pajerio
Feel me hoe, I'm the one that's all in ya shit
You the one I'm tellin' all my niggas go an' get
Cryin' like a bitch when the thirty R six
Boutta spit sick shit just like Blair Witch
Wanted me to let the nigga look at my car
Don't wanna get killed better burn some rubber
Already took six two sent dead brothers
I wasn't raised by my mom I raised my mother
Fuck talkin' boy and back it up just like ass
You peep up on ah, meet up on ah, creep up on ah
Sneak up on ah, peep up on ah, leap up on ah, beat up on ah
And heat up on him lookin' like I am wid long hair and a mask
I'ma mash everytime they make one dime
I'ma blast soon if they fuck wid mine
Fuck squashin take caution when you talk about Memphis
It's Tommy time and who the fuck told you different
Nigga y'all ain't the shit y'all just the piss
That come up out my dick wid Canadian Mist
Betta have a tone goin' on wid this
What I make and what my way of sight gives is hits
Witness, better send a letter to the CIA
This is gonna get a bitch sprayed
Talk is cheap just like the river runs deep
Talk is cheap like every hoe is a freak beep

Chorus: C-9 & [Tommy III]
Talk is cheap, we creepin' so thick
We blastin' on haters wid nothin' but anna
[Body bags, body casts]
You niggas gonna die tryna fuck wid my stamina

[Verse 2: Lil Sko]
I'm sick ah this he say she say shit
I'm pointin' some fingers I'm callin' some names
Haters be talkin' mo' shit than a project bitch
I ain't in this game for the motherfuckin' fame
I'm steppin' on toes puttin' niggas in chokeholds
So keep that ass away, like no dough
Frontin' like you ain't no hoe
It'll be mo' niggas comin' wid razor fours
[Lyrics from:]
Even if you packin' yo heat
I betta not catch ya slippin' in the streets, nigga What!
On the realer my nigga, if it never get bigger
You still my nigga, you still my nigga
Now how many motherfuckin' niggas wanna roll wid Sko
Pimp hoes wid Sko, sell blow wid Sko, do shows wid Sko
Just the way that this Dirty South shit supposed to go
Lil Sko wid the pro nigga you ain't know?
Well now ya know, if you a friend or foe
If you a lady or hoe, if you rich or poor
You really need to recognize ya being Memphisized
I'm stickin' and shootin', in between ya eyes
I'm puttin' me wood, in between ya hoe thighs
Why ya actin' surprised when ya really need to realise
That I'll leave a nigga paralyzed
Sko and Tommy III nigga we down for whatever
Better get ya shit together nigga gangs is terror
And come up with a plan, that's fortune for clever
Dis Street Smart write ya seed an' aunt a letter

[Tommy Wright]
Everytime we dis a nigga what we do we shut 'em down
Everytime we run into them motherfuckaz not a sound
Niggas like to talk about shit that they don't know about
In yo face and not behind you when we bust you in yo mouth


[Verse 3: C-9 & Boss Bytch]
Y'all niggas ain't no killas y'all scared of us
When it's time to handle business y'all scared to bust
Scared to ride, runnin' off to much at the mouth
Tell some lies, claimin' you ain't scared to die
Make up ya mind, sony ass, phony ass bitch
Phony ass trick, flodgin' ass corny ass snitch
Talkin' that shit, is gonna cost ya wig to get split
Mark ass bitch ya never get me caught in that click
Friends or foes, what ya claim to be I don't know
Talkin' you bold you all up in my grill like golds
I oppose, watch the snubnose reload
Bloody ya clothes, give action like a killa suppose
Come wig and jump and keep on stumblin' keep it comin'
Leave ya numb and keep it crunk and chief a junt
And catch a murder charge or somethin'
Pull up at a river grab a body bag dump him
Adrenaline, rushin' through my lil ass pumper

[Boss Bytch]
How many motherfuckin' niggas wanna go to the med, wid two in the head?
Bleed bloody red from a bitch wid a bigger Glock, and a bigger pop
Naw it won't stop, until ya body drop cause, ya mouth be hot
You be talkin' the shit, but don't be walkin' the shit
You be singin' the shit, but don't be bringin' the shit bitch
What's up better run for ya trunk, too late, caught ya by the gate
Mind gone, ass gone, all that shit will be blown away
No love from me to you, fuck you
I hang wid the Sinista Thugs showin' no love
Lookin' for a nigga wid a mean mug
It'll be his ass I'ma push and shove bitch






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