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Dead dream, dead dream...
The hood ain't no dream BIATCH

[Verse 1: Mac Montese]
I'm havin' bad dreams of bloody murder
With them visions in my sleep
Wakin' up every second
Thinkin' 'bout where I been and who I be
Is it my imagination?
Got me facin' evil thoughts
Deep down in my mind I'm seein' signs
Feels like I'm on the cross
So much pain, an inner rage
Feels like I'm locked in a cage
Preparin' for the worst
And hopin' for the best is how I play
Now I see it's just a dream
More like a nightmare and shit
Get down on my hands and knees
And hopin' that evil (?)

[Verse 2: Killa D]
In my dreams back in school I could've been a quarterback
Now I can take you to the hood and get a quarter sack
Icy white golf balls, I call it Tiger Woods
One thing I wish, I wish a nigga would
So you are running back, I got them powder packs
Good Thrax that'll have yo ass runnin' back
Okay you play center, I chop it in the blender
I had (?) frontline to center

Dead dream, dead dream...
The hood ain't no dream BIATCH

[Verse 3: Slim Money]

[Verse 4: C-Mob]
[Lyrics from:]
I'm havin' night terrors, they comin' in quite clearer
Sometimes I see wickedness in my reflection, I never liked mirrors
Sometimes I feel like I'm livin' inside of a prison
Constructed inside of my brain, a deadly game
A chess that kills myself right now, I'm survivin' the game
I gotta get away, gotta free my mind
I feel like I'm chained to this disorder
If the earth ever split in four then
I be the strangest in this quarter
A man that's on a mission, don't try to test yo luck
So if you see C-Mob comin' then you best give up

Dead dream, dead dream...
The hood ain't no dream BIATCH

[Verse 5: II Tone]
Shit I dream about money and the way it make me come
See a bitch can't do shit unless she go and get me some
Got me dreamin' like a Martin Luther; born to be a king
Gotta cut you to the white meat if you try to cross my team
See my dreams are kinda strange but yet I represent the struggle
Wether day or night (?) the christ and show love to my brother
Any nigga still can get it cause them choppers not a dream
Drop a nigga like a bad habit, with or without the beam

[Verse 6: Lord Infamous]
I'm the Scarecrow Krueger, nightmare with a Ruger
Criminally insane institutions and I'm the F├╝hrer
Pop your inner medulla oblongota with the oozer
You a walkin' corspe when the maniac's stalkin' through ya
Face of Keyser, deadly dictator, numb from atombomb
Saigon leavin' victims from Vietnam like some Agent Orange
Lord the black bear and rob for treasure like a damn pirate
Kinda hard to sleep when I slice off both yo eyelids

Dead dream, dead dream...
The hood ain't no dream BIATCH





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