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[Verse 1: Sinna]
Johnny Cage his ass, with a kung fu kick, and I'm too quick, Sinna finna diss punk bitch, with a super uppercut leave him chinless, I'm relentless, with the business, you punk ass bitch, you naught ass nigga, leave him jaw-less, bitty flawless, when I open up your brain with a clip, Liu Kang this nigga, hit him 52 times, cack him in the spine, turn into a dragon, split his shit, Shock a nigga like Raiden, I'm freaking amazing [???], I'm amazing, you erasing, [???] [???], Sub-Zero this nigga gon' freeze him up, then stop him again gon' break him up, no time for discussion, no making up, I pull out your brain all you see is your guts, (Get over here) like Scorpion, I touch a nigga body, [???], I don't give a shit I'm a fucking sin, this is the way that we get it in, can I disappear like fucking Smoke, all in your shit I be all in your throat, just call me a ghost I be 60 below ready your bullets [???], I'm beating my chest like a nigga go rogue, chop you to pieces then often I go, most of you niggas I can beat some hoes, powerful music I hit you with more, box you like Jax I'mma knock a nigga out, See Sinna Row out west, out south, pussy nigga better watch they motherfucking mouth, when I run up on a nigga I'mma give [???]

FATALITY (Reptile his ass!!) FATALITY (Johnny Cage his ass!!) FATALITY (Kung Lao his ass!!) FATALITY (Liu Kang his ass!!) FATALITY (Raiden his ass!!) FATALITY (Sub-Zero his ass!!) FATALITY (Scorpion his ass!!) FATALITY (Burro his ass!!) FATALITY( Cyrax his ass!!) FATALITY (Sonya his ass!!) FATALITY (Shang Tsung his ass!!) FATALITY (Kitana his ass!!) FATALITY(Jax his ass!!) FATALITY (Shao Khan his ass!!) FATALITY (Kano his ass!!) FATALITY (Baraka his ass!!)

[Verse 2: C-Mob]
I will send you to the Nether realm because I'mma chop ya,like I'm Baraka,you are not ready for Kombat I'll finish you you're an impostor
I'll strike you with lightning like Raiden, your blood is what i will bathe in if you think you're Johnny Cage, then i will spit fire til Johnny is CAJUN, I'mma hit a muthafucka with an uppercut, then I'll watch him fall to his death in the pit, grabbing your neck and its slit
Police can question but I ain't confessing to shit, burn em alive with the fire of Hell, no one can stop my desire to kill,leave em face down in the mud when it comes to their blood i am never too tired to kill,i am colder than the Lin Kuei, you better prepare for a grim day,your stomach is sickened your body is twitching, listen to what C-Mob and Sin say, hammer you like I'm Shao Khan then, I'm clubbin you like i was Drahmin, feelin like you been hit by Jax, like Cyrax, I'm bombing, I'm chopping em up into pieces, slammin their bodies with telekinesis, if there is any security breaches, everyone that's in the building deceases, I'm a Kombat champion, surrounded by all this mystery, when C-Mob rips your head off its a flawless victory

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[Verse 3: King Sandman]
Realize we dropping the bodies down to the underworld below, dispose of your [???] figure nigga the trigger is making me lose control, blow your body the haters the [???] makin me hold for the rest of your death, come into the minds the dead the peep, the odyssey, this type of shit fills your head with death threats, running's your best bet, then nigga tell me where the fuck it is you running to, .22 be taking the life in you, it's sniping you, because I ain't got shit else to do, so, as we take over the earth, and contain your soul for everything it's worth
Paternities and nurseries they got a nigga wanting to take they souls at birth, when choke that neckline with a barbed wire, better hope the Tech 9 goes right by ya, not even the sex line kills my desire like watching you burn in eternal fire
The only good thing about going ahead of a disease that'll run up like a zig zag, when you wizz fast, I don't give a fuck about the consequences, so nigga dig that
Get back, fuck what you want with a nigga with a 10 mag staring right into my eyes
For the first time since the beginning of time, you can witness the death in your past life
Run for your life nigga, this is your last try
Take a journey to the vortex niggas be wondering how in the fuck we can strangle them pigs with phones that's cordless, they gone






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