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[Verse 1: C-Mob]

If I'm doin' better than you, you wanna hate
If I'm not giving you hand outs, you wanna call me fake
I wonder how long it takes
I think you wake up in the morning, for all of the hate to kick in
You're filled with bitterness and insecurity, you've got a fate to fit in
And you think you can cover it up, by always claiming you will
And me mugging like you trynna make people think you aimin' to kill
But bitch we see right through you
If somebody said they would help you, then he lied to you, and [?]
No, you'll never be prosperous, if a path hates what you choosin'
But, it's probably in your blood, so it's your fate to be losin'
At this rate you'll be doin' nothin' for the rest of your life
Probably be hatin' until you turn old, and death is in sight
Depressful as spite
Mad cause I've elevated, lookin' at me like you got a problem, but you never say shit
To my face, you just talk amongst your bitch ass crew, cause that's the type of shit your bitch ass do
And when I see you I'm like
[Hook: C-Mob] (x2)

Aye bro what you lookin' mad everyday for?
Maybe you should change your attitude and let the hate go
Ain't no reason for it so just focus on your pesos
Maybe then you could bring something to the table

[Verse 2: C-Mob]

If I confronted you, you duck and run
You motherfuckin' bum, luggin from across the room, but in my face your suckin' cum
Nothin' fun, dealin' with these sucker ass rappers
Bums with the arrogance of upper class statures
You'll shut the fast after
[Lyrics from:]
My brother stack asked you
Fuck you lookin' at?, your just another rat bastard
Mad cause I rise like a hovercraft past you
So you mean mug, like your tougher that's laughter
You're a joke you don't have the guts to fight
So quit hatin' other people, cause you suck at life
While you're thinkin' that you tough, we're just laughin' at you
While we're chillin' kickin back a few brews
And when I see you I'm like

[Hook: C-Mob] (x2)

[Bridge: C-Mob]
Some people are driven by jealousy
They see what they got, and wish they could have everything [?] at me
[?] people keep tellin' me
Don't get mad at me, because when you look at me you see what you fail to be (fail to be)

[Verse 3: C-Mob]

Don't get mad cause I put in hard work bitch, it's supposed to pay
There's the same motherfucking 24 hours in both our days
But I use mine wisely, no one grinds like me
If you would quit hatin' maybe you'd shine brightly
It's true hindsightly, 20 20 every time
Bitch can I see a mistake, cause your haters left you blind
You could make better rhymes, If you would spend your time, on somethin' other than hatin' on what I said in mine
Better find some of your own business, you seem to never mind
Strengthen up your thought process, you need to get your head aligned
Actin' like you know what I been through and what I done
I just shake my head and laugh at you son
And when I see you like

[Hook: C-Mob] (x2)





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