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So I was uh, kicking it with this girl for a few weeks or whatever. We were chillin one night and she asked me, she asked me what she was to me. And I was like 'what you mean what you are to me?' She said 'what am I to you?' I said 'shit well that all depends on how you act, you know, how you act depends on what you are to me.' So I mean really... It's up to you

[Hook: x4]
You could be my Queen
You could be my Mistress
You could be my Wife
You could be my Slut
Or one of my Bitches
It's Up To You

[Verse 1:]
One thing that look for in a woman is if she knows her worth
And no I'm not talking about what she carries
When she holds in her purse
I'm talking bout where her mind, spirit and her heart is at
The value she places on her body and I start with that
I sit and I listen to her goals and all her ambitions
I match her with her personality so I put her in the proper position
To the outright that is about life
No time for the title bout fights
I don't wanna change who you are
But I can't have a ho tryna play my housewife
If you texting me on my phone
Or next to me in my home
If you pester me or you stressing me
Then you best believe that you're gone
See sexually we can bone, that's never too much to do
But if you really want more and you got your head right
Then I guess that's up to you


[Verse 2:]
[Lyrics from:]
You could be my Queen
But you gotta know how to act like one and treat a King
Think about me and you working together
And everything to the table that we can bring
Teetering, on whether or not you ready
For the next level and need a ring
Cause if you're not ready for commitment
You can be the mistress or you can be a fling
And that's if you're down to creep
Keeping our meetings and time discreet
When I come around to freak
I pound it deep until you are sound asleep
I'm not about wasting my time
Trying to make a relationship more than it's meant to be
Tell me what you want I'll tell you if I'm willing
And we can both go at it sensibly
If I find out that you're acting phony
Another bitch after the macaroni
That smashed the homie; then you can be my bitch
But you'll never get matrimony
You have to show me you're worth it
I'm not looking for somebody perfect
I just wanna make sure that the type of time
I invest in you, you deserve it
Can't be disregarding a Queen
And giving some ho my quality time
Keep it 100, all'll be fine
I really don't want you calling me crying
When it comes to women, there's just a few
That I've ever put my trust into
If you wanna take the risk
Then maybe you'll make the list
It's Up To You






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