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[Intro: T-Rock]
Step into the serengeti nigga... (murder time)
You tell'em what I'm on... (hahaha...)
And you tell'em what I'll do...
I might just snap...
Body everybody...
Or I might just let the bullshit ride...
So niggas need to quit fuckin' with niggas, cause they don't know what the fuck be on niggas minds you know what I'm sayin'?
Ain't no tellin' what I'm on...
I can bring you to the pits of hell nigga...
Or I might just be your guardian angel...
(Let's get 'em!)

[Verse 1: T-Rock]
I just might spas out on a nigga within the mental sicker than the brain and bring rap to pain in the sinister
I deminest you sucka niggas within the ?shitters? with more blood and gore than a Steven King cinema
In the city of Atlanta Im the senator
Hey somebody over there see the perimeter
Even when hated by many niggas get the sour taste in their mouth like vinegar
Kamikaze you choppin a Maserati , and hit em with the nine and leave their bodies cold like thermometers
I don't really think you wanted with the punisher and my gun go off and blow like a harmonica
I'm fuckin' with niggas, who fuckin' with killers, who flickin' the triggers, and bustin' on niggas in broad day light
Im a serengeti and yall niggas are sanitarian don't know about beef what it taste like
I'm shootin and ain't percise with the chopper I am surgical I put holes inside your convertible
I leave a nigga bloody body on curb, turn vertical
The prisoners of war never merciful
Better wills, say you'd better get you kids and kiss your baby momma goodbye
You could be sick so even one of the five
If you fuckin' with me and my nigga, then someone of you'll die
Because you think you a player , you set up a traitor, and set up a cam, before the midnight
I had to erase em, I had em with haters and war games we carry em and tell 'em bring a switch knife
Y'all niggas ain't built like us
Nigga it's that real life stuff
If a nigga start shit that he know he can't finish then he run and he still likes us

[Hook: T-Rock] (x2)

(I just might) walk up to a nigga all night in the club and then just swing
(I just might) have a drink with a nigga ride cause you know we can built the [?pain?]
(I just might) let a few shots off to let a nigga know that I ain't no punk
(I just might) say fuck that shit smoke a blunt ball off keep K in the trunk (Ain't no tellin' what I'm on)

[Verse 2: C-Mob]
Tell'em that I just might, keep it to the urge to pull the trigger of the pistol, clutch tight, bust right
You give out orders, while your momma cryin' tellin her that you must fight
Fuck light, let the darkness take me
I have been smellin a carcass lately
Drivin' me to be heartless crazy
Feelin' like I'm finna rip apart Miss Daisy
Then again I'm sellin pimpin the weapon
[Lyrics from:]
I step it like Tekken jacked with the fisticuffs
You don't wanna start drama in the midst of us
Because I just might bust if I'm pissed enough
You don't know what's goin' on inside of my mind, and you don't wanna take a roll at the dice
Just might be colder than ice
Very unforgiving, you're willing to sold your soul to the christ
Holdin' a knife and other counter weaponry the rain are
Checkin me Im finna open you like sesame
Guns with accessories, I got a mess of these, and if your stressin' me, I just might murder to the death of me
Ain't no referee
The devils pressin' me to kill
Evil beckons me and also I'm so sickeningly ill
God if your obsessing me, if you blessin me I will
Been on extasy techa nina peel
So when ya come at me, you'd better be direct, cause you don't know what I'm capable of
You'd better hope I'm calm like I'm takin' a drug
Or I might jump out put a step in the mud
I'm a man on a mission, if you blockin' my path, I guarentee that I'ma bust right through
So ya better back-pack
Ain't no tellin' what I'm on, ain't no tellin' what I just might do

[Hook: T-Rock] (x2)

[Verse 3: Bootleg(Dayton Family)]
Give me one reason to blast
Now I'ma let a nigga have it with this ho and leave em in the trash
Let the fly that hella alot niggas smellin everytime they whips right past
Bootleg Ima fishing with the flow
How do the northern Canadians sled with no snow
C-Mob told me to ride so lets go
Gettin' money like Diego would
How many niggas you know, can take an ounce and sew up a whole town
I'll be comin' with the thousand pounds
All of the governess with some coffee grounds
Bussin with something that shootin at least a hundred rounds
Y'all niggas playin', but I'm not fuckin' around
Police comin' to get the shells off the ground the women be leavin the house right now
Fuck these niggas, I'm ready to bomb, on everybody in the compound
With the full pound, 13 rounds, Bootleg I'll be fuckin around
I'm a nigga with nothin' to lose
Matter of fact I might blow you out of the shoes
Police searchin' and lookin for clues , momma on the news, surrounded by camera crews
Hit the bitch if she be layin' on the couch with ya
Kill the kids, them hoes in the house with ya
Y'all niggas ain't heard about a murdered bitch
Laugh on the spot and take the crown bitches
I know you bitch niggas here, heard about real G's
Take a tooth to Arizona tell us what ya need
When you get the backpack filled with the C.O.D
If you ever come short, well you'll D.I.E

[Hook: T-Rock] (x2)





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