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Got a girl like me, right next to me in the whip no shit
She's a ride or die chick
Got a girl like me, crazy how we're so much alike play fight than we fuck all night
Got a girl like me, physically and mentally the truth then we go make love in the booth
Got a girl like me, if you're tripping she'll pull yo card
Baby girl go hard

[Verse 1]
Vibrant like a motherfucker, passionate as hell, love the way my tongue touch her, in the bedroom bum rush her, hit her with that love crusher, got her back, even if no one trust her, she wants to see me succeed, fulfill my dreams, she's all I need so there's no need to build a team, and I want nothing but the best for her, no less for her, I got it she can rest assured, and that's my word, and every time the sex occurs, I love the way she moans when she is saying Christopher, there's even nights that I can lay right next to her, and talk for hours about nothing in particular, she can throw down in the kitchen with the chicken and the rice, will go down with our lips in, start licking what we like, we know how to please each other, we're easy lovers, who get up underneath the covers and freak each other, and every time I look into her eyes it excites me, baby gets hyphy, gangsta wifey, I always thought that this was something very unlikely, I got a girl like me


[Verse 2]
If there's ever drama then she's right there behind me
After we fuck then we go play zombies
If I'm ever fucking up she beyond me
And we can share deep thoughts like Gandhi
She never scared to speak her mind or state her case, together we be on that never ending paper chase
Whether we're in different states or face to face
There ain't another girl alive that can take her place
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Lil gangsta wifey, and she think just like me, in the spanx and white tee, making bank just like me
And if you got a problem you do not wanna approach her
Cause just like me she keeps a Glock in her holster
If something goes down like the top of a coaster, that's not really supposed to, it's cocked and she'll toast you
See she don't take that bullshit very lightly
I got a girl like me


[Verse 3]
She ain't afraid to let them things go
She can make you feel the wrath of a demon and the kiss of an angel
Baby girl can be mean and joke, flip weed and dope, and if she's broke give a fiend some soap
She never needs to gloat, never faking and flodging, if you're hating then she's break your noggin
She only does it if she has to, she keeps a ladylike appearance, very classy when she pass through
And she knows how to be a good mother, she's been good teaching my three sons to be good brothers
Sometimes it seems like we fight for fun, cause neither one of us knows how to bite our tongue, the night is young
And then smoke dodi till she wet, I hate you, I love you like Jodi and Yvette, no regrets, so we put our all in it
Mad love never thought that we would fall in it, I'm calling it
I finally found a girl to entice me, I got a girl like me
(Yeah, I finally found a girl to entice me, I got a girl like me)






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