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[Hook: Lil Witness]
This is my life look here, Clear as the day ok
I just been gone in my zone wasting away (Look I'm Stressed Out!)
Some say I've tried and then I've lost my way, but who are you to judge me huh? You don't know my pain (Look I'm Stressed Out!)

[Verse 1: Lil Witness]
Stressed out to the bone, appearing like I'm out my dome
Day to night, night to day, I stay tempted when I grab that chrome
Inner city which I rome, hostilities full blown
Shame on the man who test me, his chest will be under a stone
Gone from a mental state, I'm grown but it's true I act like sanity is what I lack with a sack of that herbal crack, step back, if you wishing to play with the fella I promise that is a mistake, I will never be able to possibly make any better whatever plan is I'm leaving you wetter, the skin shredder, making next ever, jump on that data who's so clever, this is for all of my partners drowning in Hennessey searching for dry weather, or to find shelter from out the cold, praying to God more than anyone knows, life is hard can I hold on and roll with no punches and fold? No dozing when it's time to grind, finding any peace of mind only comes when I look at my little girls and blow on that pipe, relaxing and reclined, that's what they say ain't no way for me, I be nerved up to the fullest, searching for change, Lord set me free!


[Verse 2: C-Mob]
Gotta get these bills paid, I feel crazed, feels like I'm trapped in a
Steel cage
Life it is trying to stifle me till nothing's left of me and my will fades
Real days, out on the grind trying to make my skrill raise
You make the wrong move and you might end up murdered or maybe just getting your grill grazed
Still praise the Lord every day though times are hard they make me stronger
He's giving me blessings but still I be stressing I can't hold on much longer
My job's a bitch, maybe one day I can afford to quit
But as of right now,I gotta keep working I cannot afford to sit
[Lyrics from:]
Every one of my kids, without a doubt, I'd give my life for 'em
But I barely see 'em cause I'm so busy tryna provide for 'em
And I wonder why do I work so hard to just end up so stressed out
Should I just be focusing on easy money and go get the tech's invest out
But the best route, continue to do what I'm doing, and hope that I'm proving to all of my children that even when you get to struggling never give up and start moving, I'm overworked, shoulders hurt, feeling like I'm finna go berserk, but I'mma keep keeping it moving till my body is cold and dirt


[Verse 3: T-Rock]
Here gone why do I live this way, take a sip and drink in this hay
With everything that I have left my family they wanna take my kid away
Life is a test, I have learned to adapt and do all that I can, I've learned it well
Before I live what I have and my son, I'd rather burn in hell
Can't wait till the day I live stress free, debt free and prop my foot up
But I'm dealing with a lot of drama, baby mama wanna fight me cause I got my son in pull-ups
I'm wanting some tame serenity, but I'm shackled in chains of misery
It's a shame when you try to make peace with a person they wanna remain your enemy
I made a new pact with Jehovah to not hit a woman, be righteous and serve
But when you at war with a woman who don't respect that you must fight her with words
My life is a puzzle I promise I wanna be righteous and flee the drama
But how can I look at my son when he grow and tell him I beat his momma
Regardless of what she may say, I'm a man that'll do anything for the family if you a nigga with problems and plenty priority then I know you understanding me
Life is like, tying one hand behind your back in a Tyson fight, I search for the God in life, Devil's on my back like white on rice,(stressed)






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