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[Verse 1: ConSensus]

Too cool for school? Nah, too smooth to move
2 2s dudes abuse snooze choose to lose
New recruits, troops without hoops, who are you?
Screws loose, proof without truth, loop the loop
Oops! The removal of super glue
Too smooth to move? Nah, too smooth for lube
‘Cause really they're just slipping
2 flew the coop, duck duck goose
This loser's clearly the next victim
But somehow weirdly they're just chicken
Steer when it gets wicked because that game's dangerous
That makes pain, unless really it just isn't
You're seriously just chicken in which that taste flavourless!
Too cool for school? Not too cool, less than cool
When you talk, that's just unacceptable
Pity the cool, you can test the rules
Or reject the school, but what's best of all?

[Chorus: ConSensus & Evita Koné]

Too cool for school? - I'm too cool for school
Nah I'm too cool for rules - Too cool for your rules
Too cool for school? - I'm too cool for school
Nah I'm too cool for rules - Too cool for you

[Verse 2: Dr Koul]

Smoother than smooth, besides
Who's smoother than cool? It is I
The Doctor Azkoul as the guy
And the author of the rulebook applied
Who ripped away the pages and then moved to the side
If the truth is a lie, then there's nothing I can say
[Lyrics from:]
Except I choose to deny just every accusation
You could shoot to the sky
I need no alibi, I qualify for the fine
If you try to fight then you're losing the tie
Trial and error a tribal emissary
For a tricycle errand on a triangle area
Of a try that you merit, but there's no success
Rhyming to message what you won't suggest
It's do-or-die, you are high off the fumes you consume
‘Cause I'm just too fly, so my music brings you
Up in the sky, I flew by - I left you in a cloud
Now I'm back on the ground, so dude, bye!


[Verse 3: Imagine]

Pupil of experience, fuck the rules
I choose to be curious, far from school
The news and the weariness
Taught by nature, who nurtures the dreams
And the thoughts I savor
Taste the difference, every heart has flavor
With norms as enemy and the art as savior
Take it or leave it, what I make I believe in
And the hate I perceive is miniscule
Compared to the greatness I'm breathing
It's the day I seize to make my way at ease
With an open mind, I see the world brighter
And every moment's mine to make the worse lighter
Take risks or die trying, fuck being rich
I'll spend my life striving for equality
Peace and acceptance, until love opens her eyes
To realize each being is a blessing






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