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Open ya interface kiddies
This shit goes way beyond eating wheaties
On how I burn mics like beedies
You've got no movement
My mind's fully shroom lit
In shit talking language, I'm extremely fluent
I'll skeet skirt on topics
Cuz I'm the King of Koncepts
Got New Yorkers trippin off how I USED to rock it
Of course you won't catch my split second click recking
Its a herbal dissection
You want science?
My caliber can't be contained by your silencer
From the back of the brain, I talk shit on a higher plane
Here comes the rain
I enter through your vein, stop your heart
Now feel the pain
Major labels be on operation cock block
Most east coast rappers is just Masons with a Box talk
Now write down what I just said a thousand times
Read back to yourself
You still can't get with this rhyme
Cuz I'm lingering like THC in ya system
A&R's are vixens I turn them into victims
Or rhythmic holocast in
FundaMentals, Bas1 on dat ole shit talkin

Ah shit dat nga Bas done found you
Poppa gotta grind you for the wack raps you kick
To the nursery boy ya little
Ya small like a skittle plus you'll get ate
I elaborte on how I decimate
I educate weak fools on loosing excurisions
Doctor Bas, vocabulary surgeon
My procedures feature creatures
On meters decreasing
I'm releasing caps to be teasing
Your raps are so pathetic
I can't believe that you said it
IU talk shit major for real
And thats funds your mentals
But I'lll be gentle
Cuz you're an ammy, tell ya mammy
To slame like BONE
Its her time of the month, damn
I'm heavy to the tonth
I'm D to be dissing wack MC's
So now chumpster lemme get the dumpster
To verbally lump ya
Cyto, wherever I go, I bring a paddle
In case of a battle
Verbal spankings to lower rankings
Now tell daddy thank you for ripping you

The universal learner, jackalope throwing snake eyes
Cat eyes arise in quartz caskets
Masking emotions in laughter
Cuz what after the disappearance false glitz line
Stereotypes dissolve from pumping the ball
Slitted nicely of hip hop
Line shots and bevvies
Sampling levies in four and eights
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In the morning, no one can debate
I do it futuristic, cuz I'm late
And out of time
Rhyme is painful out of the same skull
The world's crazy son didn't you know
I knew that when commercials dissed my flow
But I'm lacid I'm inhalo when I feel
American spirits and boomers
Looming, in verocity
My velocity, is light years
My tears is lost in my body's water
World's dry up so I cry up
But I never forget my friends at the end
Screa, past stargate men in soulful Umbra
The changer guide, I'm peepin
Nano intellectuals, with professional agreements
There's more heart in just my semen
I love the culture forever
Lay my embalmed body in tomb
God of my ancestors brothers of crews

I'm wack oh your fresh
Write down some lyrics and put it to the test

Oh shit I'm having hissing fits
I'm having major fits
Cuz I'm talking major shit nga
Whatcha gonna do but run
Bas1, startin shit and you stunned
I grab no guns, I grab verbals
I go up in ngas asses like gerbils
You faggot-
I be the verbal maggot
You lying in the ground cuz you hate the way I break down
Nouns to verbs to adverbs to adjectives
The way I describe your vibe is hella live
But its not 95 on the court
You came up too short

Major shit minor lyrics
Is all I'm receiving
In doormat, formats
Welcome to the void and experience
A delirium a vocal barrage
Garage tapes firstly while industries keep miling
I begin babies burping
All foregoing the training
Stop battling and start praying
Stop using my name to get game at parties
Your arteries
Is contracted suffocation through copulation
Diagnosis dick inhalation

Technically I don't even wreck MC's
Breaking you down to solo atoms is my speciality
Extract your ribs while you run your dib
Its comedy how you cry as if this was sodomy
But I'll do you properly when I verbally hit em
My immaculate rhythm
Will have you practicing masochism
I create my owness starring me
Feel the bass
I speak FundaMentally





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