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*DonBee talking during Bill Clinton speech*

[Hook: DonBee & $MARCx]
Like my weed no stems, no seeds! (Bill Clinton!)
(Repeat 8x)

[Verse 1: DonBee]
Monica Lewinksy is not for sale! Bitch I lied, I DID INHALE!
She was 22 so I ain't going to jail, so fuck it I'll admit: she was sucking my dick!
I dont know why y'all see it as a problem when I clearly passed, don't ask, don't tell
So don't ever ask me if I'm high, cuz I'll respond "I'm rocket-propelled!"
Secret Service got a problem: I DONT NO GIVE NO FUCK! Bitch I'm the President, sign my own check
Blow it on dope cuz I'm living in the White House, I don't give a fuck about paying no rent!
Paid vacations, hitting them spaceships; Up, up, up she's thinking Cancun
Well you can go where the fuck you want, but bitch I shall be going to the motherfuckin' moon!
What shall I smoke today? Reach in my cabinet, Kush from Taiwan
Vice Prez gone bring the blunt around the track, no time to turn back, please, please, please pass the baton
I'm acting upon! Time to take on: Fuck China, fuck Afghan, fuck Iran!
Nation on my back, Hilary's pleasing on her knees sucking my-my Hancock John!
Loosen up my tie--no tie, no sweat; Al Gore was a rookie, now you fuckin' with a vet
Location is irrelevant, we smoking out my private jet
No privacy, so I jet to the pent, aye gone (pentagon) 'head invest in a bong
We can get it on, be cautious, fuck it! We smoking out the Oval Office
At times I think in a blink, somehow, someway that I could get caught
Other times I'm like "Man, fuck being President!" Guess what? I just wanna be an astronaut!
I'm high as fuck---POSITION-WISE! My dick-size, your bitch quittin'
Naming all my blunts Monica Lewinsky, cuz guess what: MY TEAM HITTIN'!
My suit different, I'm speech spittin'; Got 42 cars all-black tinted
As a kid I ain't never have shit, now I got a lil money: Motherfuckin' right I act different!
I'm still livin', I'm Bill Clinton, making weed legal, shit I ain't passed it yet
I ain't never giving up, give a fuck, been impeached, but bitch I'm still the President!
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[Verse 2: $MARCx]

Political shit, can't ya see? Beast of a spitter, no taming me
I came in the door, I said it before, it's Roosevelt: but not Franklin D.!
I really don't need your presence, steady coming up to me with questions
Bitch I'm on vacation blowing, don't ask about re-election!
Yes my nigga Spook for Prez, and you know I am the Vice President
My policy on healthcare: inhale some of this medicine
I know niggas that'll kill for this, but they ain't built for this, really I'm too trill for this
Even politicians gotta learn to chill a bit, smoking out to the realest shit, counting bills for kicks
Running the country, it didn't seem real
Know we getting money, cuz our faces on them green bills!
Live a glamorous LifeStyle, my cannabis: quite LOUD!
More weed is on the way but I'm demanding it right now!
In the cut passing blunts with Bill Clinton, sunroof, wheels spinnin'
Last time I checked the stats, the poll said "fuck the critics, I'm still winning!"
Got Brazilian women, my sex mean, suit & tie: gotta dress clean
If I ain't breaking down your girl bed-spring, you can find me getting dome in the West Wing
Got stopped short at the airport, they said that I had contraband
I ain't moving coke, ain't hurting no one, it's just ganja DAMN!
If it ain't fat, I ain't smoking! Smoking sacks since Friday morning
Secret Service all around me, now tell me why they scoping! NIGGA!


My name is DonBee. And I approve of this message





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