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(clip from Friday movie) "I know you don't smoke weed. I know this. But I'mma get you high today. Cuz it's Friday, you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do!"

[Hook: $MARCx]
Blowed for a living, get blowed for a living
I get blowed for a living, I got 4/20 vision
I get blowed for a living, get blowed for a living
And I ain't got no job, so I ain't really trippin'

[Verse 1: $MARCx]
Look here we in the game, you got a spectator's view
I'm tryna' free my brain, smoking on Pepe Le Pew
This weed gone keep me focused, I got an essay to do
I dropped 3 classic tapes in one year, boy that's a decade for you!
These industry niggas a trip! All these wack ass rappers getting contracts
And I wouldn't dare spend money on your shit, I could spend that money on a dimesack!
Gotta thank UGK for the screwed-up shit, yea my fam rolling deeper than the Ku Klux clique
You can chill with them lame niggas if you choose, or get high with the niggas that I grew up with
"Is that DonBee, from SpilledInk?" I said, you got-damn right, what the fuck you think?
I been knowing that dude since middle school, so you fuck with him, then you fuck with me!
Gotta keep an eye out for the nosy neighbors, bunch of grown ass men, with ho behavior
Can't mind their business to save their life, them the same type of people do the police favors
So I stay low, pay attention to things! Dealers be lacing, pretending it's green
[Lyrics from:]
I ain't gone never go hungry in life, as long as I'm close to a vending machine!
I wake up to a quick stretch, and get blowed as I get dressed
And getting blowed is my job, I ain't gotta worry about passing no piss test!

[Hook: Zak-Mozis]

[Verse 2: Zak-Mozis]
Visions from a Libra, hotter than a heater, words really lethal, always doing something illegal
Looking fly with a high-ride, getting high in the sky, flying high so I'm flying higher than an eagle!
Fake niggas: call em counterfeit! Real niggas always down to spit
I swear y'all niggas never high as me, unless I'm that nigga you smoked with!
Half-a-brick of weed, I just sold it! Them Raw Hemps, I rolled it!
Walking in the door, they say I'm loud as fuck! Well that Lemon Kush: I smoked it!
Kush got me so high, I barely can see, smoke in the car, I barely can breathe
On the lookout, watch for police, tried to arrest me--but damn, it's just weed!
Them snitches out, real niggas watching! Them squawks free, them bitches flocking!
Got pussy niggas all up in my head, but it ain't shit: My niggas down for boxing!
Never been, never fold, if a nigga got a problem he can test though
Got a gang of niggas back in Virden Addition, put that iron to his ass like starched clothes!
Why do these people love to make assumptions? Because I smoke weed, they think I do nothing
Remember the CD, 2Pac Shakur: "Only God Can Judge Me," proceed to the puffing!
I swear that it's nothing, your bitch I be fucking, this dick she be loving, I'm probably nutting
All up in her stomach! FNBe, yea we do this shit! I said it, SO FUCK IT!





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