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(Max Julien 'Goldie' from The Mack talking)
It really ain't that hard to remember
It's dollar sign, Uppercase M-A-R-C
Lowercase x nigga!

"They Be Like Money!" Now tell me who all of these people came to see
"They Be Like Money!" Who be dropping them dope cuts they need?
"They Be Like Money!" Make way for the man of the hour
"They Be Like Money!" I can't hear y'all motherf***ers say it louder!!
(They Be Like Money! Money! Money!) I know my ladies want something to shake their ass to
(They Be Like Money! Money! Money!) I know my niggas want something to roll some grass to
(They Be Like Money! Money! Money!) This that official kid, nigga you ain't gotta ask who!
(They Be Like Money! Money! Money!) All else is secondary boy: CASH RULES

[Verse 1]
THEY BE LIKE MONEY! What's good cuz? Give me one second let me speak my love
No love for these beats, I'm abusing em. Reppin Ju-City that ain't for Jerusalem
Yeah, you heard me right I'm from the home of the Ju's, zoned in the booth, I belong in a zoo
Got a chick on the passenger side right now, guess where she going? HOME TO THE CREW!
Ho, crew. Crew, ho. The things that these groupie chicks fall for!
Yeah a Lambo's cool, but times is hard & I can still get pussy in a Volvo!
(In a Volvo?) I'm a trendsetter! If a nigga get wrong I'mma chin-check him
I'm the MVP of the mp3, on top of my game never been better
[Lyrics from:]
Skinny nigga with no tats, and I ain't ashamed of it--I ain't holding back
Now they tryna tell me how I should rap on songs, last time I checked: bitch I write my own tracks!
Tryna stuff my pockets to the max! Stacks damn near to the point that my pants rip
Putting in hours everyday in this booth, I should get credit for it on my transcript


[Verse 2]
Ok. We off in here, my fam we deep! Be lying if I said that I ran these streets
I guarantee I never turn my back on my city like dude from Miami Heat
I am the king, it sounds cliche. Women & Green Leaves it completes my day
You ain't on what we on, blowing strong out the bong. That loud, that Chronic, that Beats by Dre!
And we can't turn down! Can't turn down! Bust the knob off the speakers, really...can't turn down
But the crowd so loud I'mma bust a freestyle, got the city on my back like a fucking decal!
When my song come on, she put down that phone and say "Shiddd girl let me call you right back!
I knew him back in high school, yeah he was real cool. But damn I ain't know that he could rap like that!"
Well you must've skipped class! Yeah I got em, Ju-City we got a problem
Sextape in your system knocking, niggas from the bottom: I ain't picking cotton
Turn your old lady into my sex-slave! She had it coming she was jocking on the webpage
Took your cat, I boned that so deep you can see it in her X-rays! She say


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