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I love her
I love her
I love her
I love her

I love her neck it makes me sympathize with vampires
When it gets dark I wanna suck on it for the entire
Night because in the morning i'll be gone lets just pretend I was
Never here, disappeared, ran away with my pen so I could
Go ahead and write this song
About her lips and how they're the truth
Even if she choose to speak a lie I feel alive baby that's the proof
And her tongue's full of magic too
You wouldn't believe what this girl could do
Her best trick's kind of interesting when a nigga resting she could keep her mouth shut too
She's my muse, the reason I could rap in this flow
And even if your ass ain't know
Delivery is one of her fortes and she know who my package is for
I'm just playing around when I'm rapping this slow
But back to her body its bananas man
So much so that I want to peal her clothes off
And go hard as a gorilla, beat on her chest with both arms
That's word to me
Back breaker, baby need that surgery
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I thought she was deaf for a second, saying that she never heard of me
So purposely, I spoke into her ears and, got a close up of her cheek, in love with her clear skin
She's got nothing to fear when I'm close to her body
Wanna poke through her body like a piercing
Got piercings in all the right places and her Facebook her and I erased it
Its just time wasted if you ask me
But of you ask her she'd tell you to ask me
Cuz I'm the man, see, her body was mine
Ever glass of wine made our love less blind
Whenever she would front, I would go ahead and look for an available girl, I would stare at her behind
"Im, a little bit more sensitive than that" That's what she would tell me
So I broke it off cuz I didn't want to deal
With nothing like that feel me?
I just wanna be in peace and my music I don't need what u give me
Get outta my face, ima replace, try to erase you out of my memory
That's just what I told her but um
I think it succeeded thus far
I bet she believed it, shit
I could see it, she don't even feel it at all
She don't even look heated or pissed off, how the fuck is she dealing with it, I gotta go and just talk to her
Maybe walk with her till this beef is resolved

I gave you more than the best of me
All the little things and the rest of me
As our biophysics turned to chemistry it's history. How could u not remember me?
(Repeat 1x)





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