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Westside Connect Gang
Connect Gang, bing bing bang

[Verse 1 : Turtle No Joke]
They call me Turtle No, Bow down when you see me
Quick to leave yo girl tongue smelling like some semen
Pull up in a demon, all red when you see it
Man these bitches on me, boy I feel like Willie Beamen
Niggas can't see me so they try to R.I.P me
Teach you alphabets, autograph is after this
Went to grab some chips, fucked around & bagged yo bitch
Send my dog to eat everything that the maggots missed
[Verse 2 : Oktane]
West coast nigga named Oktane
It ain't the same, ain't no game nigga stop playing
I'm made a plan with my people, hand in hand with my people
Now I'm finna be the man with my people, look up

[Verse 3 : Price]
Hey, I'm Price and I'm capitaine of the winner team
I fuck her with the music loud so they can't hear her scream
Either I'm making or I'm spending green, ain't no in-betweens
Everywhere I step, I got that glow just like that Billie Jean

[Verse 4 : Audio Push]
We walkin' it better than we can talk it over here
Minimum flexin', juggin', and flossin' over here
Life is awesome over here, the women camp out, we stand out
Call us what you want but just don't call us for no handouts nigga!

[Verse 5 : B-Nice]
Yo, wassup my name is B Nice, and I'm hash as fuck
Bow down to my black belt or meet my nunchucks
It's fun stuff, finish any line you cross, run up
Orchestrate a summer party that a get you done up

[Hook - x4]
Bow Down! (When we come to yo town)
Bow Down! (Only real ones around)

[Verse 6 : N.No]
Look, they call me N.No the low, cutthroat
These niggas bow down, semi-automatic, all plastic
[Lyrics from:]
That bitch go blac-ow, i need the guap now
Play me soft and it get hostile, street nigga baby
I pull up and bring the block out

[Verse 7 : Clacc]
Bit-bitches praise Clacc, bow down on the dick
Choppa got kick, make him spin around when he hit
Weststide, killa gang, beat, beat bang , evil side, 2 gang
Blue rag, blue flame, you sad, you lame, shit ain't change nigga

[Verse 8 : Seriious]
I'm sick of niggas screamin' they the realist (ya ain't real)
But ain't never met a killer, I grew up around some niggas
Thats been Killin for a living
Can take yo bitch and introduce her to this pimpin'
That's a given, in the kitchen wrist whippin', I'm a chemist
I'm the man in this building, you a tenant, lil nigga it's a difference
B-O-dub, that's the label nigga listen
Tell the homies, "Green light", I'm competition

[Hook - x4]
Bow Down! (When we come to yo town)
Bow Down! (Only real ones around)

[Verse 9 : Fat Trel]
Hey look!
Got a bunch of bad bitches on the tour bus
If she fucks me in the game that's for sure luck
Don't believe me all these niggas wanna be me
Everytime them bitches see me on the on the genie I for sure fuck
Got the double cup stuffed with the ice tray
Shut the fuck up pay attention what the mic say
If you listen you can live it nigga night-day
But you gon' sing it how i wrote it like I say
Turn a deuce into three like Mike J
Man, my bitch might fuck or she might pay
I'm just pushin' Audio like white bass
Shoot it 'til the cops stop in the right lane
Man, the Tec might jam or it might bang
And I don't think my brain in the right thang
Westcoast, let's go, best though
Throw it in the pot like [Petrol?]

[Hook - x4]
Bow Down! (When we come to yo town)
Bow Down! (Only real ones around)





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