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[Produced by Haze banga]

[Verse 1: Kent M$ney]
Sitting in the drop like they surprising a motherfucker
Niggas getting tutored in the streets again, young thugs gon' ride for a pair of truckers
True G's don't lie, stay clear suckers
Plus my gang know all about commitment
Hit, BC I'm heading to navarro
A nigga need work we can make it go the distance
Think twice before you try to grind a fly nigga
Better have it all, get right for the difference
Gotta get it on, really need sleep no more
Getting greetings from the bitches that ain't speak before
Cause I'm unique with flow, it ain't a secret though
Take a flight, hitting heights I ain't reached before
This more than [?] smoke, now proceed the choke
And all the feelings that the Greek provoked, I'm so serious
Red dot periods on foreheads, niggas getting into when their mouth run
I ain't with them talking you can get your eardrums speaking on the outcome, that [?] need to stop stun
Moving cannabis [?], paper that we see shit clear
I feel like these when the VH here
I'm with my niggas chasing PJ lears
We giving Q's, word to CJ fear
Ghetto child worth, we say cheers

[Verse 2: Price]
Look, still with some niggas I was on the porch with
Say cheese, real nigga that's my self portrait
Sent a tweet out to your bitch
Like, hey come to the fortress
Nah, I ain't grew up on the porch and I still was cold, I had to sleep up on the floor bitch
I'd be pissed off mad every time I hear that door twist
That mean my mom finna nag or some bored shit
Like you stop tryna' banging next door shit
And take your black ass to school and be corporate
But see I, wasn't hearing none of that
I hit the block and I was running at it
She said people don't change til death, and boy I hope it don't come to that
Hmmm, nay they ain't no fun in that
So I switched to rap and got mean with the flow
I, found my soul and then teamed up with O
We lifted off to space, beamed up the froze
Used to be at KFC cleaning the floors
Shit, we came a long way
But just a short list of nigga imma' hold down
HS87 moving like the 87' motown
Nigga you ain't know I guarantee that you know now, Price

(Keep the change you filthy animal)

[Verse 3: Hit-Boy]
I'm really with this shit
Young version of Puff who can actually spit
Only nigga still standing without a co-sign
Really I don't give a fuck about you stamping this shit
I might be ahead of my time like I flew out the country
Probably why my ex leave my baby daddy spot
Come straight and try to fuck me
Man I'm that nigga
They give me respect buddy, they give you eject button
One thing you can tell me, nigga that's nothin'
Haze got the track jumpin', bounce like it ass rubber
I don't ever hang with niggas I don't like
That's the difference between me and you, you and I, all and us Back, back heel
Really wanna play around
Nigga come and try me like a [?] in a [?]
Who fuckin' and pimpin', I don't see no prospects
[Lyrics from:]
The dynamic uno and the repo process
I help you put you in your place, like section 8
I went from good to fucking great

[Verse 4: Oktane]
Man this Mike with his shirt blowing back
It's Mike from the free throw line
Nigga this Mike Tyson
This is Oktane and I'm Mike on these mic devices, at least twice as nice
I went from Colton to Redlands to this
I know all my exes is pissed
Calling and texting for dick
It's gold on my neck and my wrist
I straight up just tell'em like this
Imma' keep it three hundred, don't talk to a spartan
Come suck it til your nose start runnin' like Roscoe and Martin
If not girl, then stop what you talkin'
Cause you wasn't fucking with me when a nigga was walkin'
(Breathe) Ah damn I needed that
Half of these niggas don't need to rap
They be conceited 'bout mediocre lyrics that they don't be about
And them poker faces nigga, we'll see about
Cause we holdin' aces nigga, we been about
So if you talkin', we walkin'
We walkin', she stalkin'
The game in our pocket, HS87
Nigga, sit back and watch it
I'm gone

[Verse 5: B.CaRR]
Oh shit, look who coming from the west side
The underdog like [?] biggest
I used to be a lost nigga
Found myself getting cash now
Was broke, found a cast now
Hit, B-Mac and Kent, Oktane nigga back down
To my nigga N.No
Anything you niggas serve through the window
(Cause around here)
Between Navarro and [?]
We barkin' like flee marts
Show me the cash, you leave with your [?]
Come back for [?]
And that's fast cash nigga
Stuff it in a trash bag nigga
Drugs on wash for the gang task nigga

[Verse 6: BMac The Queen]
Imma' tell'em don't stare too long
I would care but the bread too long
And that snare go well with the flow, and by the time that you get it out of eight I'm ready to go (that's a bar)
God damn, I know how it feels when you gotta pay your bills and your job ain't paying you shit
Wanna tell your boss take a fucking loss, but you got a car
No, and you gotta pay your rent
Now I'm ridin' with a shotgun, ri-ridin' with a shotgun
Getting money is the outcome
Then you gotta get [?] 'til the cops come
Let me tell you, I do not belong in this industry
Fake niggas they cannot get to me
Crenshaw my city is good to me, just like my money and family and energy

[Outro: N.No]
Don't get it fucked up
Like niggas lucked up
We really do this shit, bring the whole hood through this bitch
To show, now you know
We the plug nigga

(Joe Pesci)
Don't worry about your home, it's in good hands





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