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[Verse 1 : Oktane]
We go to the top, they gon argue you goin' or not ?
You say you do something to stop
That's worse than the cops
We come for it all in one wop
Too many people say they can, they think they can
And that's the problem today we gon' drop it
Me I take every problem, right it down and I solve it
And that's why I play and you watchin'
Cheerleaders only cheer for players
Your jacket ain't even got the patches on it
Got the ratchet homies, keep the ratchet on 'em
This ain't even work for me it's practice homie
And I practice only on the days that ended why
That's why I'm finna be and always be the guy
Ain't no talkin' I'm the best
I need a judge and a medal and a vest

[Hook : Oktane (BMac)]
It's the super hero music nigga
Hey scream your name and how you feel
See the loosers gon' focus on winners
And winners only focus on winning
Let's get it
Comming for it all in one wop
(We come for it all in one wop)
Comming for it all in one wop
(We come for it all in one wop)
Comming for it all in one wop
(We come for it all in one wop)
Comming for it all in one wop
(We come for it all in one wop)

[Verse 2 : N.No]
We come for the guap, like it or not
We from gunnin' your blocks to coming with drops
I know why you hot, cause this shit dont stop
Real nigga on TC, fuck up peach street
Nigga man down as they retreat
I be gettin' tour boy I swear to god
We The Plug all team charged
Young nigga but I been a sergent
All I do is [?]
Killers with me check my resume
Niggas [?] away watch me levitate

[Hook : Oktane (BMac)]

[Verse 3 : BMac The Queen]
Ain't nobody ever did shit for [?]
[Lyrics from:]
And I was with you from the bottom of the [?]
But I'm on now gotta couple dollars for the church
Make me wanna holla I deserve all that
They gon' have to give me commas for the verse
If I need it I come for it in one wop
Champion flow gotta ball homie pass me the dough
I'm the shit [?]
We the realest niggas act like you know
Can't fuck with the plug !

[Hook : Oktane (BMac)]

[Verse 4 : B.Carr]
I ain't trippin' [?] too high for this shit
Anticipated [?] for the clique where the fuck is your jacket
Niggas is talking about stripes
All I can see is all scratches and shit
P-L-U-G nigga that is a clique
Hope you niggas got your matches and shit
Cause my niggas is turning the lights off
(Young niggas loosing your power)
We gon' be here for a minute
(And you gon' be here for an hour)
Plug !

[Hook : Oktane (BMac)]

[Verse 5 : Hit-Boy]
I was born to do it born [?] more influence
That's all I needed [?] back they had a nigga feelin' useless
Now nigga goin' stupid
I should put a call in [?]
Tell 'em put this shit up in a new[?]
First quarter I return two kicks like it's gameday 98'
I'm feeling like a new [?] my new team
Like a old stealers ridin' with a all buch of go-getters
Nigga [?] to a mac truck
Layin' down if you act up
Need major figures, yeah that's us
All in one wop put the cash up
(Niggas may not understand it now but they will)
We the Plug !
(Niggas may not understand it now but they will)

(Go hit it) x13

[Chorus : Preston Harris] x2
It feel good don't it, when you got the [?]
Shinin' all over the world, platinum and gold

[Big Hit]
Homie !





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