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[Verse 1]
Let me start by saying you reap what you sow
And I planted these seeds a long time ago
And the rest was the effect of the domino
Another baby born so somebody's got to go
... and karma put me first in line
One way ticket, first class, purchased mine
The currency was every situation I was placed in
Where my decision-makin' was based on the word "currently"
... and long term didn't concern me
So I played with the flame didn't think it would burn me
Look back on the day my mother deserted me
Apologies to my father, you didn't deserve me
You tried to spoil me, I thought I was neglected
You provided, I rejected, I decided I wasn't respected
Went outside and learned a lesson
Now I realize you had the message, so dont cry for me

I know it's hard but these days'll pass
... but the only thing I ask is dont cry for me
Just learn from the pain I faced
The mistakes I made, the days i'd waste
Everything you gave me I took that for granted
That includes my life, even second chances
As you lower me in the dirt or spread my ashes
However tragic, doesn't matter, don't cry for me

[Verse 2]
I never considered myself a role model
But looking back, every step I took, he followed
A bond you can't break, we was family-bound
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Heh, he was even proud to rock my hand-me-downs
Sitting back, depressed by my own struggles
At the same time I had to replace the boys mother
Faced with more trouble that I couldn't take
But I put the sheets on the bed, the mint on the pillowcase
Took another drink 'til I couldn't feel a thing
Mind numb to the pain, both his and mine
But when I sobered up, every beer i'd cry
So I took another woman to rebuild my pride
...i'm just glad that one of us saw the dead end
And hopped out the ride before the tailspin
So I apologize for every promise broken
And know it's many miles where you goin, so don't cry for me


[Verse 3]
I was
Part of a crew on a ship with no captain
Future was a faded picture with no caption
As we approached the glacier, my crew bailed
My reaction, I grabbed the mast and took helm
One stayed, telling me of life after sails
Tried as long as he could, eventually he failed
I wouldn't say he quit, I pushed him over the rail
Fate sealed with my words like a letter in the mail
It's difficult dealin with a will so strong
With a head so hard and an ego so large
You fought so long for a friend so gone
But we drifted so far apart, I don't blame you
See it's hard when every open door closes
So I held my whole world in a closed fist
No room to grow but I chose my road
So if you go to my funeral, don't cry for me






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