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[Intro: Slank]
"Can't stop the rain" (*sample)
Landscapes be lavish
"Can't stop the rain" (*)
Everything the Menace bless is magic
"Can't stop the rain" (*)
"Can't stop the rain" (*)

[Verse 1: Slank]
Landscapes be lavish in the palace, smoking chalices
Niggas glimpse what talent is and hearts fill with malice, it's
Me, that nigga with the shatter like Bambouk
The repercussions leave a hole in your dance suit
With sharp lyrics, the message caustic and volatile
Ran out of paper so I carved this in a Crocodile
Somewhere near the Nile, I was probably on a Hajj
Had to stop in Yemen just to cop another quad
Your God's mirage, my God made Giza
I had your bitch all on my features, skeeter near Ibiza
Blast the reefer and I'm holy ghosted
Feel like Chinese explosives, imploded in my brain, remain focused
Can't stop the rain is what my nigga told us
Fuck the forces of nature, I get folded because we all control it
Console your soul with dope-ear, miracles
Slank that yella pimp with the flows, lil' bro

[Chorus: Slank]
"Can't stop the rain" (*sample)
Landscapes be lavish
"Can't stop the rain" (*)
Everything the Menace bless is magic
"Can't stop the rain" (*)
Yo, my nigga, Landscapes be Lavish
"Can't stop the rain" (*)
I said that everything the Menace bless is magic

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[Verse 2: Slank]
Chemical explosions, like nigga what you holdin'?
The wax was so potent that her fit went Hulk Hogan
Slank be Joe Rogan with the drugs, make stereos buzz
Because cuz, that's the nigga I was
And will be, knowledge mixed with wisdom and it yields the
Military mind of a DJ with the ill beats
Menace was born with an MPC
In a land of many lakes he composed this beat
Met a dope MC, near Mecca
His name was Slank the Prince the fucking microphone-checka'
Needle on the record, the track wrecker
My track record of tracks, highly prone to get her cat wetter, uh
I can't stop, can't relinquish the mic
Call her Mary Tyler-Moore, I'm giving Dick to the Dike, yo
You can't stop it, ooh you can't top it
The reign of Slank and Menace, hella poppin', choppin' other options

[Chorus: Slank]

[Verse 3: O-E]
Don't worry I don't shoot
But I know some dudes, will leave you floating in the bayou
Hadouken like Ryu, niggas fighting in these streets
While I stay in the booth, giving life to these beats, quickly
I create fresh cadavers, I'ma big dog to fucking crumb snatchers
Bastards, claim they fresh, but they need purgin'
If you the fucking king, then I'm the insurgent
Lurkin', all on my god-damn foes
Bet they all deny me, before the cock crows
Only cowards pull triggers, Real niggas, come to blows
If you wanna throw hands, nigga let's go
Polio couldn't stop me from running this shit
Polio couldn't stop me from fucking your bitch
Polio flow, cause I'm too Goddamn sick
Receive no vaccine, I don't fuck with pricks

[Chorus: Slank]





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