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[Intro: Slank]
All my niggas dabbin'! Yes Sir
(Tell em'...true)

[Vocal Sample: Malcolm X]
No I don't worry
I tell ya, I'm a man who believes I died 20 years ago
And I live like a man who is dead already
I have no fear, whatsoever, of anybody or anything

[Verse 1: Slank]
Yo, Bowl gettin' lower got a nigga movin' slower
Spittin' laid back like a ryhming backstroker
No bluff, this ain't poker, I bust with no rubber
On her earlobe, dick looking like a super soaker
Man these lame ass niggas ain't ready for this
Said if Menace made the beat, then I'm ready to spit
And that dolja and shit, is a vehicle I'm whippin'
Ball like a legend so they call me Cal Ripken
Thinking about that day in my past life, when I gripped that knife tight
Shanked the old me and got my mind right
Slank an MC, yea the dope type
Leave the pussy drippin' like it's prom night
Atomic psalms might, fuck, fuck around and hurt you
I'll put a fat dick in the wack ho that birthed you
Become your new pops, set a curfew
And then proceed to beat you and turn your eye purple
Everything purple, your lips, your nose
Rhymes never ending cause I rhyme reload
Nigga, I'ma tell you like the cop told me
"I smell marijuana nigga, where is the tree"

[Hook: Slank]
And I'ma tell you like the cop told me
"I smell marijuana nigga where is the tree"
I'm tryna tell you like the cop told me
"I smell marijuana nigga where is the tree, and the dabs too"

[Verse 2: O-E]
My flow used to be Barry Bonds playin' for the Buck-Os
Was I a good rapper? Short answer, fuck no
But now it seems that I'm off playin' with Giants
So if you need home runs nigga you know I'm supplyin'
See I used to shit mediocrity into my pampers
Now I'm throwin' hand stitched clothing in my hampers
Playing tonsil hockey with some girl from the Hamptons
Took her to home base, One Yard, Camden
[Lyrics from:]
They thought I was the type to hop over fences
But I'm Creole nigga, so what yall sayin' is senseless
Got your guard down, now you defenseless
Might wanna cover your ears cause it's bought to get offensive
Saw your snaggle tooth bitch up in the car
In a fish full of sea she caught an Alligator Gar
Supposed to be fresh but I can see yours is salty
Heard it's cause some of your equipment is faulty
Don't fault me, for my bad behavior
Deny me three times I am the rap savior
I won't stop till Kanye is my neighbor
Crew like Dunder Mifflin cause we all about the paper

[Hook: Slank]
I'ma tell you like the cop told me
"I smell marijuana nigga where is the tree"
Said I'ma tell you like the cop told me
"I smell marijuana nigga where is the tree"

[Verse 3: Slank]
Yo, Nigga where the tree, I'm steadily, dabbing the
BHO, got me feeling lovely
Like David Duchovny, X-File me
Known to take your bitch quicker than a fake I-D
Leave you in I-Vs, needing morphine
But I'm pouring chlorine, all over you darling
I gotta get to' up, from the flo' up, before I go up
In your bitch throat like throw-up

[Verse 3 Part 2: O-E]
Hold up I'm Quick Draw McGraw
When I put my piece all up in her jaw
One hand on the panties one on the bra
Don't like sushi, but she like it raw
Scratches on my back cause she hit me with the claw
Ask can we cuddle, bitch hell naw, I'm gone
I got more beats to snap on
Turned up my shine nigga wasn't no damn clap on

[Outro: Slank]
Yea, Yea
This that type of shit, sometimes you just gotta dab up
Get your shank! and maybe go knife a nigga, you know
Rob him for his Crocs, nigga, you know you like Crocs
Let your feet breathe and shit
Make the breeze come through, feel good and whatnot, you know
That's that real shit, yea
Dab up niggas, or get your Crocs snatched, in a quickness mother fucker





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