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[Verse 1]
Money means nothing
My people mean everything
Promise when I got little money that I will never change
Plus still the same
I kept my feet on earth
And I kept my promise
I kept my people first
My friends and my family help make a man of me
When I was down and out
Ya'll lent a helping hand to me
So I returning the favor
I passing forward
Adversity, don't run away from it run towards it
Face it and brace it
I promise that you could make it
Time spent with your family you should keep that sacred
It's worth more than any amount of money
So I never let the money snatch that from me

People get money and they start acting funny
Its the money that making they world you see
But see if I get some then we all getting something
'Cuz money ain't the world to me
I do it for the people, the people, the people
'Cuz money ain't the world to me
The people the people the people
'Cuz money ain't the world to me

[Verse 2]
Daddy was a garbage man
Mama worked real hard
Me, I'm a common man
And the pi on the lord
Smart smith admit it
You didn't have a million dollars
Only thing you said to me was don't kill you makes you stronger
Humble beginning makes a sweeter ending
[Lyrics from:]
Look at Oprah Winfrey, 2Pac, and John Lennon
It rolls it goes
What's your next move?
Now you have a good president what you gon' do
Be a better man
Lend a friend a hand
Grow spiritually
Help out your community
It's the love that mama was cooking
That makes it taste good
It's the people not the money
That makes the neighborhood


[Verse 3]
You see I do it for the love
Sometimes I do it just because
But for some reason I can't explain
I didn't do for the bucks
See Nappy Roots is a movement
That hovers a class above
The average and the obvious
Sell the conscious like a lot of this
We struggle from time to time
Did the opposite of a lot of us
But the hard work pays off
I'm leaving proof and promise in this
Educate yourself so when you finally see some dollars and cents
You say you want but proof that soon you're gonna make it
But make it to your grandchildren's kids
Because they are the future
We are the ones that are damaging it
Abuse is an opportunity with revolution, and contaminants
Don't make any damn sense
His movie doesn't have a sequel
If you don't do for you and your kids
Then do it for the rest of the people






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