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I been feelin kinda godly X2
Industry shit this is for me X2
Killin'the game i am godly
Higher power i am godly
I been feelin kinda godly X2

[Verese 1]T-Dot

I am no replica i am original
Look at my swag,this is sublisimal
I am the best n the best n the best of all
Don't come and fuck with me
I ain't your nigga so
I'm on a new level i'm on a new planet
I been feelin kinda godly lately
Lot of you niggas been dabbing lately
Lot of you niggas been yaping lately
Lot of you niggas are fugazi lately
Im on a new level man i ain't stressing
I got two phones like i'm kevin gates
I hustle hard like i'm bill gates
I made it this far i got a med aid
I'm a winner i'm allergic to losing
Don't come for me i don't chill we em losers
Allergic to losing can't live without winning
I turned up the crowed in the hall i was dabbing
Dzuni my hommie you fuck with them losers
All of my energy wasted
I don't give a fuck about what you thinking
Cause all of my haters just died in this session
Ain't in yo level boy i'm just surpesing,i'm just surpesing


[Verse 2]T-Dot
Look at this niggas tryna fuck with T-Dot
I got his girl telling me that i'm hot
Bam bam then she tells me you not
But you know that i been feeling like god
Higher power i been feeling like moses
Lower power you be feeling inferior
Your girl on my dick she be feelin superior
V-dot behind me he be feelin superior
I'm a bully like hitler on this war game
Tryna find fame
Tryna hustle
The world gon know my name
[Lyrics from:]
This is my lane
I ain't competing
I fuck with the best i ain't fugazi
All of you niggas are lazy
That's why you'll never come out on top
Thats why you'll never compete with T-Dot
I've been an angel since day one
I never stood or steal i'm still a saint
I'm a trapper not a rapper
But i ain't trippin'like these other trappers
Trap shit is the real shit,ey i'm tryna do me
More than 50 rappers only one gon'make it in this bitch,in this bitch


[Verse 3]T-Dot
They say i'm a god,im feelin'like god
No no no wait i'm feelin like pablo
On my pase like i'm ronaldo
You should call me diablo
Van damne kick like makhado
Ab sellin ovacado
This ain't no kush this tobacco
This is gaddafi not laszlo
I'm a nigga not an anglo
Told ma mama i'm trapper she said bravo
No mistakes i'm perfecto
You so disgusting like sorgasso
Playing your head like piano
You stuck in the shadow i'm stuck in my past though
I'm from the guetto
I cause fiasco
Impesto,libreto i'm the gecko
I'm the tornado
I'm the electro
I shock yow
That's a fact yow
Got a new girl shes a mullato
I'm so dope these demons bow down to me like i'm satan
I'm just sayin man
I ain't for real though
I'm tryna kill flows
This is T-Dot
Ey they say i'm godly
I know i'm godly
I been feelin kinda godly,yeah





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