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T-Jay ft.Jeff Wislar


Na Na Nalinna Ekilooto
Na na Nalinna Ekilooto
I be living my dream oh yeah im livin' my dream
I be living my dream oh yeah im livin' my dream, uuhhh

Verse 1
They said i'd never make it that i'd never live a dream
Now i'm shinin' so bright high beam big dreams
My city never sleep they stay awake to chase they dreams
We be livin' in a world where tomorrow is never promised
Every corner that you turn all you see are night-mares
Nightmares be the dreams, dream-chasers givin' up
But im never givin' up in the race im steeplechasin'
Now im in the lead in the game im role playin'
In the race im b-rabbit got these niggas eight milein'
I be jumpin' erry hurdle just to make it to the top
Disapprovin' everybody ever thought i'd never make it
To the top is where im headed tjay never looking down
Coz im the limit to the sky i'm flying high a shooting star
So when you see me make a wish u blinded by the sight of me
'em haters threw me in the trash out came a flower very nice
I made it walking through the storm thats why tjay a rolling stone
On the highest peak of life i'm the slope you'll never climb
Im the lock you'll never pick i'm the crown you'll never wear
If you had a dream you can wake up and achieve it
Life is a journey i'm in the lead best believe it

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Verse 2
Every mornin' that i wake, all i hope to get is cake
Coz the hustle never stop, even when you have it all
In this life you gotta live erry moment like a dream
When you wake up you can tell that no moment is for life
Strive hard and get it just before my last breath
Coz i came in through the storm all you scared of is a drizzle
Now my flows are so recurring on point just like a decimal
Im flyer than a zipper tjay grew up like an Eskimo
Sheltered up in storms so your hating never hurts
It was a dream hard to live until I slept In the booth
Now my flows up in your face you gon read me in your book
Coz my momma always told me beat the rest to be the best
You can never be the best without knowing who the worst is
Reminiscin' who be dissin' tjay got these niggas cursin'
Niggas talkin' tjay walkin' turn em off like walkie talkies
Im the realest and the meanest of my city like im kendrick
Yeeaahh, we paper chasin' everyday
Coz life is such a hustle like a bunch of jigsaw puzzles
If its not about the money then its probably just a gamble
You can gamble wit your life but dont you ever take the chance
They tried to keep me underground but all i did was raise hell
Keep your dreams in your heart but don't you dream your life away
So when you make it to the top detonate the bombs you drop
Every dream you gotta live keep it real as you live
Coz music be the life and the lyrics my story
My history i give God Glory






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