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Muhammad Ali when I'm bodying a whack rapper
Hotel lobby, spitting freestyles like Dirty Bastard
Hank Gathers, way I'm pa**ing on these foul lines
Rhyme after rhyme, hope they reach you in time
I shine like the sun through the darkest of days
Hoped to God and I prayed for Him to pardon my ways
But who was I kidding? I'm a sinner for life
Cheddar turns men to mice, pay the price forever
Whoever got the upper-hand is Alice in a Wonderland
But the potion to grow was opened before
Tainted by the Mainstream with paint chips and fluoride
Fainted from the c**aine and O.D.'d in your ride
You're heading to the hospital, she's hyperventilating
Waiting for the right time to escape, you're facing-
25 to Life, now you're pacing like a madman
Dad ran in her room and threatened to shoot
You played with the fire, suffer the burns
Your mother turned tricks, but now she's always concerned
She never learns until it's too late to fathom
The unfocused man is considered a has-been
I'm highly dedicated to this Hip-Hop Culture
Meditating melodies provided my memories
Pardon me I'm backtracking
f** backpacking, I'm a rapper, Pay Homage...

No church in the wild, I hurt but I smile
My style consists of a fist and the birth of a child
Never getting disciplined or reprimanded for your actions
Getting into it with the wrong mans affiliates
My brain is touching levels eagles couldn't fly to
Besides two stones k**ed the same bird to spite you
Write too deep, this is profound poetry
Hoping he would fail but I walk on H2o you see?
Jailed Jesus locked up, committing crimes
Dropping a dime on this dude that was popping a nine
Props cause I shine, I'm divine
You blind mother-f**ers never seen my design
I'm highly motivated
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And I know they hate it
Waiting by the sideline until the right time to say it
Spray it like a water-hose every time I slaughter foes-
I ought to pose a threat to these corner hoes that bore a pro-
With their stank a** rhymes like a diaper is
A writer with the fire to inspire all the minors with-
Motivating music, the truth, get the picture
Cause every scripture hit cha like The Thrilla in Manila kid
An Illa emcee, Lyri-Cal gift
Swift with the pen, plus I uplift, you trust this
I move silent, yo I'm deadly with the pen stroke
d**h comes quick to the dumb cliques, Pay Homage...

I come with the ill sk**s to silence the harshest-
Critics can't do what we do so they talk sh**
Let 'em hate though, I elevate above it bro
Never submitting to the hate that aggravate the dumber folk
I've come to show
Every listener a vision that-
Made me wanna write down everything I didn't back-
When I was just a young boy immature
Until the evils of the world made me feel insecure
I tried to find an answer for the cancer of society...
It has to be the reason why the seasons is cold
Even during summers when it's a a hundred and four
Blunted, pouring Henny in a shot gla**
Throwing lyrics in a pad, got inspired by a Pac rap
Adapt to my surroundings, snakes around him
Tell your boss that the underdog is sounding off
Negative fools trying to bring me down to their level-
To embezzle what is special but my pen is my credential
You talking 'bout giving back to the hood
When you're taking them away from all the knowledge that's good
You talk about k**ing but you're saving a life
Paying for a hospital bill for a kid in Dubai
k**ed all hope, found him hung by a rope
Self inflicted wounds cause the brother couldn't cope





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