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[Hook: CaSoul]
They say they sent a man to the moon in the sky
And I'm just wondering why they forgot us, they forgot about you, they forgot about me, (They don't know the half of it)
Curiosity is taking over my soul,
The other side is waiting for me, bitch I better roll
Yeah, We all leaving this planet for good, for good

[Verse 1: J Muse]
Higher up, smarter now, I can take care of my self ma
Later on, later strong, you ain't never gotta worry bout the wealth pa
This is life live it now, skip all the restrictions
We still got no limits the world's pace has quickened
Ain't sayin' this just to say it (MHMM) You ain't playin' this just to play it (MHMM)
Cuz if that were true why swallow blue and still be stuck in the matrix
My eyes are red, stayin up, impossible? try my luck
Disappointed in myself cuz I went to bed at 2 O'clock
Yupyup, missin' screws, we won't break, bend the rules
Lyrics deep no kitty pools, got no swag but I'm pretty cool
Yupyup, crazy, look at what y'all went and made me
I still suck at rapping but, check it out it don't phase me
Uh, my style change, lookin at y'all, y'all still the same
I'm with my team, I'm livin a dream, we get harassed by Freddy K
I'm a dreamer, I'm sleeping on reality
*This is what I ponder when the night steady passes me


[Verse 2: Sky.P]
Hey, this song is random
But so is life, uh
[Lyrics from:]
Man I wonder what is gonna come up over time, uh
Feeling like I never see things glowing till they light, up
Then again I'm usually the one that's giving light, to em
Take a dark, situation, make it spark
I been doing that my whole entire life, make it more, bright, uh
Making fire, then I take that fire get inspired and
Apply it to my art, and my heart, and my mind, uh
Third degree, burnin' beats, giving out my two cents
Meaning ain't none of my verses free, see I give a learning free
Even though my work is free, Mixtapes, perfectly
Mixed great, perfect beats, real lyrics, surely see
Now thats's what we three certainly be making for you guys, uh
Man I wonder what's in store and where we'll go in time, uh
What we'll see, what we'll be, cus I see that
Life is unpredictable but that's what makes it fun to be alive, uh


[Verse 3: CaSoul]
Uh, I'm a cage and a key
Fly with some wings that I found in the B
Write with a pen that I found by my feet
I didn't choose none of this, mane it chose me
What y'all know about me, What y'all really wanna know about me
I'm a fiend when I hit this beat, all they ever seem to do is wanna start beef
Cause I'm blowing up, I'm talking tough, They know what's up, Flow cold like a hockey puck
And I'm making luck, my clothing rough, On the bluff, look who just pulled up
And it's me, I'm riding mean, They act tough and they Charlie Sheen
They thirsty for that propylene, H2O, or methylene
Can't stop my curiosity, Shut down the government, Boy oh please





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