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Little African Girl - you are the jewel
I'mma die in war tryna build you a school
Little African Girl - you are the jewel
For every King that shines the Queen taught him how to rule
Little African Girl - you are the jewel
I'mma die in war tryna build you a school
Little African Girl
Little African Girl
Little African Girl
Little African Girl

[Chief Kamachi]
She keeps me close till my spiritual search
Nine cycles bare witness to her miracle birth
Planting seeds alike, don't believe the hype
The Black Super Women taught the world to read & write
They don't know worth, disrespecting your name
I did the same shit, now I'm tryna clean up the shame
Hold your umbrella when I see you walking in rain
Hold your tension and suspension if you're feeling the pain
Little African Girl - yeah, the world tryna strip her soul
I kill a nigga for tryna put my daughter on a stripper pole
Across the hot sands when I hear my babies crying
I'm in the jungle with a spear and a baby lion
Predicted the end of the world way before the Mayans
The greatest mystery solved, not even trying
A rare jewel, God made a special blend
People don't understand the plight or the mess you in
I can't say shit, cuz I ain't been the best of men
I know I'm the reason why you getting high and stressed again
Yeah, I gotta put the truth on a line
The fifth degree in the mathematics; power refine
Deal with equality, architect of the righteous design
Built for the war, but make sure her light can shine
Thru the temples across the globe, image on a stained glass
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Thirst for wisdom, and the mother make it rain fast

(Chorus) 2x

[Chief Kamachi]
Your little boy is a JuJu man
Mommy had to wrestle with habit
Tryna break her spell practice West African magic
A street nigga trapped between a Priest and a savage
When I was young she told her son "I'm not like the average"
Put your head up, look in the sky, go'head and grab it
More than ten years still carrying emotional baggage
Her smile was gon', before my style was on
Give the juvenile for spitting freestyle and songs
So many things I forgive that was foul and wrong
My psychiatry, the studio, compile a song
I'm underground, they telling, that the style is gon'
I'm one of the illest to walk every mile along
My inspiration, for everything I pen on the page
Come in the room, candles lit, smell the scent of the sage
Photos of you, I love ya, but find it hard to visit your grave
But your spirit with me, every time I sing on the stage
Little African Girl

Yeah, the Black Queen
JuJu girl
Kno'm'sain, gotta protect the Queen
Ha-ha, I dare one of you cowards
To put y'all hands on my daughters
Yeah, send y'all to the stars
I'm gon' kill y'all
Chief Kamachi - Clock of Destiny
Little African Girl...
Little African Girl...
Little African Girl...





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