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[Verse 1: Z.E.K.E]
I''m not from ATL, but one bowl just like Evan Ross
Girl badder than Diana Ross, milk tastes disgusting after the dental floss
Pour a bowl of Applejacks, no Smokey but I am a boss. I meant Ray F, from collabs that we did, yes
That Applejacks, TBT, that's in the past, TBH, to be honest
I wasn't as good as I is in the gift. That's the present, let me present, my mission statement
I believe in, bringing you F.O.O.D. to your eardrums, while chewing on some Stride gum
That's just so the taste and flavor saver lasts, I watch Game Grumps too much, that's just another term
For a moustache
F.O.O.D. is me mending my broken heart, no Pendergrass
It's just my soul patch
I hope they get that

[Hook: Z.E.K.E] x2
Fruit Loops, Applejacks, Frosted Flakes, Honey Smacks
Fruit Rounds, Apple and Cinnamon Loops, Sugar Flakes, Fruit Rice
And a box of Trix in the morning a do

[Verse 2: Z.E.K.E]
Big bowl, big box, big spoon, late night snack
Cereal under the full moon, snow white, snow dunes, in the homelands, Chi and Lew
Now that I've gone from three to four, maybe a music class
Wake up to smell of waffle, eggs and bacon, next to a tall glass of OJ
My boy, Adam, only likes the Simpsons, anyway
He killed a white girl, like this two percent that I'm sipping, on
This spoon dripping, oh, my favorite brand is missing no, Fruit Loops or Trix
Guess I'm hanging out with the captain, Captain Crunch, that is. Me and my friends bunch up, it's time to lunch up
Twelve O' Clock, wait in line, tutoring at one, hurry up. Get in Cafe, Sony's blasting, so I ain't hearing you. I got to tutor, no time for a plate just pour a bowl of cereal

[Hook: Z.E.K.E] x2
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[Verse 3: Z.E.K.E]
Tooth fixed, feels good
I can chew again, I can eat food
I must sound really fat, get me a Bowflex Max
Eating Frosted Flakes while they still crisp
Dealing with the fact I can't spit when I spit, so it feels like I'm rapping with a lisp
And no this ain't no diss, if you're hearing this, D4T, aka Death 4 Thoughts, aka J-Fizz
And me saying that it's not, doesn't imply that it is. A wise woman just told me I just way too cautious
And I ain't gone deny it, won't lie man, I've even tried it
But I'm a Mama's Boy, 2-16-2015, release date decided
And I've been provided with some Fruit Loops by Kellogs
So many fans post memes of me on they blogs, and make vlogs of themselves bumping me and rocking Z.E.K.E
But they read my stati on FB, so I think they mocking me and stalking me
But that's none of business, even though I'm drinking milk not tea
Dropping tapes with a quickness, they put me on the Guiness, b!

[Hook: Z.E.K.E] x2

[Bridge: Z.E.K.E]
Wake up hungry, what is there to eat?
Not feeling eggs, pancakes, oatmeal or even meat
Open the cabinet and guess what I see!
A big box of cereal, enough to feed my genealogy!

Genealogy x3
(Eating Cereal) x3

On the box it say it's Family Size, but this can feed my family tree!

[Hook: Z.E.K.E] x2





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