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[Hook: Z.E.K.E] x4
You were once hungry, but now you're nice and full
Nice and Full x3

[Verse 1: Z.E.K.E]
I hope I was able to fill your starving minds, with some good F.O.O.D
Some healthy and some not the best for you, but, at least now you're all full
Now you're not hungry or want anymore
Now you can think for yourselves and not fall for anymore sleight of hand tricks
Take out your bics, put down the vicks
Study the stats of the economists, like you study your favorite draft picks or fantasy sports
Succeed in the field you choose to major in, instead of music and sports

[Hook: Z.E.K.E] x4

[Verse 2: Z.E.K.E]
Find the time to scribble and ramble, instead of dribble and handle down the courts
How about memorize the Constitution's preamble and work in the courts?
You can do anything that you put your mind to and I mean all sorts
You can get a career making pants that make sagging in shorts look terrible
The judge or the clerical, don't you be hysterical, unemployment rate, empirical, musical, lyrical
If I could change the game with F.O.O.D. that'd be a miracle

[Hook: Z.E.K.E] x4

[Verse 3: Z.E.K.E]
Amongst all the epidemics, you could come up with the cure to fix the world or blow it up
Not even sure, if you're pure
But I taught myself and my followers to see the good inside the evil
Siddharta Gautama Shakyamuni
[Lyrics from:]
Why else you think they call me Booda, the people who knew me?
Since I was a newbie, a newborn bewbie, baby
Toss me out the nest after good morning feeding
I'm flying watch me
Do you because I'm a do me!

[Hook: Z.E.K.E] x4

[Verse 4: Z.E.K.E]
A week without writing, felt like bleeding out, dying!
Weed them out, crying, beat them out, flying!
Tough it out, trying, bring 'em out, TI-ing
TI man, Big Things Poppin', Chris said he make a chemist's salary in just two days
But as I see it, we can only live just two ways
Live out your days like every one is the last
Or live out your days like everyone is in the past

[Hook: Z.E.K.E] x4

[Verse 5: Z.E.K.E]
I don't know what else to feed you guys
F.O.O.D. left a food desert and I'm really low on supplies
And the demand is really high, but my people in the Chi, are trying to tell me that this black boy's got to fly
And I mean sky high, Southwest Airlines
Rapid Rewards but everything takes a little time
Big outs to the people who helped me with writing every rhyme
And BluntedBeatz on his Gordon Ramsy not charging a dime

[Hook: Z.E.K.E] x4

I'm finally out. Thanks for listening!





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